“Our future must be better than our 2021,” says PM Harris

Basseterre: The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, like all other countries around the world, has faced challenges as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris is assuring the country that his Team Unity Government is working hard to make 2022 a better year for everyone than 2021.

“Our future – our new year – must be better than our 2021, because we serve a God who is more than capable of making it so,” Prime Minister Harris declared on Sunday, January 16. “So, for those of you who were unable to enjoy a full year’s work due to the shutdowns and lockdowns, 2022 – with God’s grace – can be a better year for you and your family.”

Dr Harris made the remarks at Sunday morning worship at the House of Deliverance New Testament Church of God on Main Street in Tabernacle Village, where he had joined the leadership and membership of his hometown church. Senior Pastor Octavia Charles-Warner presented the sermon.

“Those looking for homes, 2022 could be a better year for you,” the Prime Minister said. “For example, we have set aside $10 million or more in our budget to help National Housing Corporation (NHC) build out some dwellings for our people so that 2022 would be better than 2021.”

He also stated that by the end of the month, the government would make 15 houses in the Mansion available to individuals in need. The residences were erected with the help of the Venezuelan government, and according to the Prime Minister, interviews will be concluded this week, with a handover ceremony scheduled for the 28th or thereabouts. “Those who profit, your 2022 will be better than your 2021,” he said.

The government also took note of the high cost of haemodialysis and cancer treatment in the area. As a result, the government was humane enough to announce in the most recent budget that the cost of dialysis and cancer care will be reduced by half this year, making 2022 a better year for patients than 2021.

“It’s still expensive, which is why we’re pushing people to put what we’ve learned into practise — prevention is better than cure,” said Dr Harris, who is also the quasi-lead cabinet’s for Human Resource Development, Health, and HIV/AIDS concerns. “It would be better for us if we could avoid being sick.” The better it will be for our health if we can minimise our sugar intake, salt intake, and alcohol consumption, and so we need to bring that particular discipline.”

Despite the fact that the country is in the grip of a pandemic and that everyone must exercise caution in light of the Covid-19, he stated that the government believes that the new year 2022 will offer a fresh start to improved health for so many people.

“I am very delighted that the church is well prepared whenever we visit, reminding us that the virus is still present and that we must continue to follow the guidelines,” Dr Harris added. “I believe one of your banners contained a message about it, and when I saw it, I thought to myself, this is exactly what we need to do – remind people so that our children can return to school without interruption.” But it will only happen if our teachers are vaccinated, wearing masks, and sanitising so that the environment can be as healthy as possible.”

Dr Harris went on to say that he was aware that some people are out of work, as pointed to by visiting Kittitian Pastor Eldred Henry, who is based in the British Virgin Islands, and that it was Team Unity Government’s goal that people’s tomorrow – the new year 2022 – will be better.

“We have established in the budget that for individuals who have been unemployed for a very long time, we will extend a $1,000 monthly payment this year, and I will be able to tell when that will happen in another three weeks.” So, when we consider the future, I want us to be optimistic and do a lot of wonderful things.”

Members of the Constituency Number Seven Group, led by Peoples Labour Party (PLP) National Women’s Representative Mrs Sonia Henry, accompanied the Prime Minister. Members and supporters from the various Peoples Labour Party constituency executive branches on St. Kitts were also present, including one of the two PLP National Trustees, Mr Heston Hamm, and members and supporters from the various Peoples Labour Party constituency executive branches on St Kitts.