Opposition leader busted lies of UWP government

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Ramanjot Kaur

Saint Lucia: The General election date for the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia has been announced in the late evening on Monday and are scheduled for 26 July 2021. The general elections are held after the tenure of 5 years, providing power in the hands of the citizens to choose their leader.

In the general elections of 2016, Allen Chastanet supervised party, UWP – United Workers Party, won the elections with 54.76 per cent votes winning over eleven from seventeen seats.

The lies and unfulfilled promises were unrevealed by the leader of the current opposition party (SLP – Saint Lucia Labour Party), Philip J. Pierre.

The UWP government, during the elections of 2016, promised the citizens to reduce the prices of fuel, but if we look at the statistics, in history of the highest price of fuel has remained under the leadership of PM Allen Chastanet.

The UWP, during the election campaigns of 2016, with their prevaricate lies, made the citizens believe that the VAT – value-added tax is not suitable and promised to eliminate the tax, but now five years later, VAT is still in the role.

After that, the UWP filed a claim that the island is having a huge crime rate, and if elected, they would eradicate and solve the issue, but if we look at how, the rate of homicides and other crimes have increased rather than decreasing.

The opposition (SLP) leader has claimed that the UWP government also stopped the construction of the hospital for about a term of three years which was about to get completed within 4-6 months after coming into power.

The UWP government also promised the banana farmers to export bananas to the various other nations of the Caribbean Region. Still, not a single dozen of bananas has been exported to any other regions.

The opposition leader has also claimed that the government led by Allen Chastanet also stopped the laptop programme, which involves providing students and teachers in Form 3 with a free laptop.

During the election campaigns of 2016, the UWP also assured the citizens of building seven hotels in order to strengthen the infrastructure of the island, but not a single hotel has been built as per the promise of the government, as per the claims of the opposition leader.

“Despite this, there’s been not any significant FDI – Foreign Direct Investment in the tenure of the UWP government,” the SLP leader cited.

The major issue that has been being that the UWP government has kept the healthcare sector at the low priority, resulting in which currently the island has the highest rate of COVID-19 infections in the OECS- Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

If we give a look at the data shared by the Eastern Caribbean Bank, St Lucia island currently has the worst economy among the states of OECS.

The opposition has stated that this COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the poor decisions taken by the UWP government in terms of the economy as the government earlier promised growth of GDP by 12 per cent but now, rather than increasing the GDP of the nation has contracted.

This data is enough to show that the UWP government has always made fake promises to the citizens and never fulfilled them.

As per the ground report, SLP has more chances of winning the general elections and coming into power. Other than that, no one can ignore the contribution of the SLP leaders in the independence of St Lucia.

In the past five years, PM Allen Chastanet had the opportunity to make efforts and make St Lucia a better place for its people but eventually, he failed in the service tenure of five years, and above faked promises and facts are the evidence of the failure of UWP government.

Residing on the facts, now it’s up to the citizens that if they want to give more chances to the failed government or want to give SLP a chance.

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