Opposition accuses PM Mottley for ‘Twisting’ their statement

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has attacked Prime Minister Mia Mottley of “twisting” their statements as a political ploy.

Barbados: The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has attacked Prime Minister Mia Mottley of “twisting” their statements as a political ploy.

DLP vice president Andre Worrell accused following Prime Minister Mottley of telling on Tuesday that the political party backed a nationwide lockdown as she criticised Verla DePeiza-led party for “politicking”.

Worrell, the DLP spokesperson for health, water and sanitation, charged that the Prime Minister either “missed the point” or tried to “misinterpret” the party’s appeal for a nationwide pause.

Worrell stated that the DLP was not contending for a lockdown, but for a reset to manage the climbing COVID-19 cases.

“Our call was for the Prime Minister to pause before we crash. A lockdown is not the only instrument possible in the toolbox,” he said.

“Given to the extent of infections and a definite indication that there is community spread of the delta variant and with the lab under strain, it would be judicious to execute a reset at this time by advancing more robust protocols to keep Barbadians safe,” Worrell additionally emphasised.

He charged that the Mottley-led government has lost the ball in their public presentation, sensitization and education of the COVID-19 vaccine, with the Administration “still months off from gaining herd immunity”.

“The anti-vaxxers have been able to be extra effective in their distribution of information than the largest cabinet in Barbados’ history and their hordes of counsellor,” the health spokesperson continued.

Worrell said that the DLP would not be threatened into silence by the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Government and condemned Mottley for blaming the public for her Government’s missteps and supercilious response to public critique.

“It is time for the Prime Minister to quit blaming Barbadians for the Government’s policy failures. The Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens, [and] on its current trajectory if nothing is done, we may very stand a lockdown which the Government worries.”

Worrell also suggested that the Government reduce the burden on the Best Dos Santos Laboratory by providing homes with testing kits.

“Government should contemplate implementing a mandatory three-day quarantine on arrival with testing on day three, as well as, providing testing kits for houses to assist with contact tracing and relaxing the pressure off the Best Dos Santos Lab,” he advised.