Now UWP workers hold banners to support Mehul Choksi

Followers of the United Workers Party and leader of opposition Lennox Linton came on the streets to support the Indian fugitive

Dominica: Mehul Choksi’s arrest in Dominica is taking new turns every day; on Thursday morning, followers of the United Workers Party and leader of opposition Lennox Linton came on the streets to support the Indian fugitive.

About 5 protestors were seen on the streets of Capital city Roseau and outside the Court of Justice, where the UWP’s supporters came out with banners in their hands to demand justice for Mehul Choksi, who is under the allegations of illegally entering the country.

Choksi is a fugitive and criminal who fled India following a $2 billion fraud against the country’s second-biggest public lender Panjab National Bank.

The political environment of Dominica has started to heat up, with the leader of the opposition taking an enormous interest in the case. On Wednesday, the Indian media-house Republic noted that Lennox Linton went to the courtroom and was seen close to Chetan Bhai Choksi.

There are speculations that after arriving in Dominica to support his brother, Chetan Bhai Choksi met the leader of the opposition at his residence in Marigot, where he even gave token money of $200,000 to Linton for supporting Mehul Choksi in parliament and media.

The Dominican opposition is allegedly paid for taking the matter to new heights by producing new theories daily to confuse the court. Lennox Linton’s sudden support to an international fugitive is spreading outrage among the general public, with people expressing their concerns to know the connections between the two.

Local residents told the media that the opposition must mind their business and should not get the country defamed on international fronts by spreading rumours about the case. People also stated that Mehul Choksi is a fugitive and should be treated like one.

Some residents also held Mehul Choksi responsible for the deaths caused by COVID-19 in India due to dilapidated conditions of health infrastructure. “If the public money would have remained in the country, it would have diverted to health facilities and $2 billion can contribute to the country in a big way.”

Mehul Choksi, who had been residing in Antigua and Barbuda since 2017, defrauded the Panjab National Bank (PNB) with US$2 billion. The fraud is recorded to be the biggest in India’s history. The government of Dominica have declared him a fugitive in the matter. Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan Bhai Choksi is also a bank defaulter, and his nephew Nirav Modi is also a fugitive who is currently in UK’s prison.