Nominations of Antigua and Barbuda tourism awards 2023 announced

The Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association will host the 2023 Tourism Awards nominations.

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Awards 2023
Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Awards 2023

The Antigua Barbuda hotels and tourism association has announced the nominees for the Antigua and Barbuda tourism awards 2023 .

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Awards Gala will be held on December 9th 2023 at Casa Palmadita under the theme, ‘Diamonds: The Crowned Gems’.

Port  Frontline Employee of the year 2023

  • Giles Gore – Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise division
  • Andre Norton – Antigua Cruise Port
  • Aron Richards – The St Johns development corporation

Tour guide of the year 2023

  • Sean Weathered – Antigua VIP tours
  • Almond Peters – Pelican Safari tours
  • Shelton Joseph – Shelly Jay’s Jeep tours

Transportation service provider of the year 

  • Andre Friday – Antigua and Barbuda St. John’s taxi association
  • Rodney Francis – United Taxi Company Antigua limited

Social media excellence award 2023

  • Add this to your bucket list
  • Cocobay Resort
  • Galley Bay Resort & Spa

Digital marketing excellence award 2023

  • Cocobay Resort
  • Elite Island Resort
  • The Escape at Nonsuch Bay

Young chef of the year 2023

  • Laurie Desvagnes – Blue Water Resort and Spa
  • J’denique Lynch – Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua
  • Nnikosia Cornwall – Curtain Bluff Resort
  • Jean-Pierre Tuitt – Jumby Bay Island
  • Samantha Grigg – Sandals Grande Antigua

Chef of the year

  • Ronald Wilson- Blue Waters Resort and Spa
  • Samantha Jackson- Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua
  • La Toya Rigby Gonsalves – Jumby Bay Island
  • Juleen Rose- Sandals Grande Antigua

Rising star of the year

  • Winsia West – Blue Water Resort and Spa
  • Latiefa Straker – Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua
  • Jasmine Charles – Mill Reef Club
  • Ashley Henry – Pineapple Beach Club
  • Tammica Mendoza – Sandals Grande Antigua
  • Kessime Mannix – Siboney Bach club

ABHTA supervisor of the year 2023

  • Leonard Vigiland – Antigua village “A Condominium Beach resort”
  • Alexis Antigua – Blue Water Resorts and Spa
  • Joslyn Williams – Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua
  • Carlos Harrigan – Curtain Bluff Resorts
  • Sheldon Gomes- Hammock Cove Antigua
  • Kevin Roberts – Hodges Bay Resort and Spa
  • Keisha Knight – Mill Reef Club
  • Mochita Christopher – Pineapple Beach Club
  • David Hodge – Sandals Grande Antigua
  • Sceanna Henry – Siboney Beach Club
  • Carla Hawker – The Verandah Resort and Spa

ABHTA employee of the year

  • Sheddy Smith – Blue Water Resorts and Spa
  • Eulanda Chichester from Buccaneer Beach Club
  • Hilma Joseph – Carlisle Bay Hotel Antigua
  • Tracy Webb- Hammock Cobe Antigua
  • Chantelle Ricketts- Hodges Bay Resorts and Spa
  • Joanna Stewart – Jumby Bay Island
  • Ruthlyn Hughes – Mill Reef Club
  • Celia Harrigan – Sandals Grande Antigua
  • Delvanice Williams – Siboney Beach Club