New facts rebuttal conspiracy theories related to Mehul Choksi case

This clearly states that the boat through which Choksi reached Dominica is not the same boat, and the opposition leader's claim does not match the time difference.

Mehul Choksi
Mehul Choksi

Antigua and Barbuda: According to the opposition leader of Dominica – Lennox Linton, Choksi reached Dominica on 23 May 2021, at around 10 pm, but as per the missing report filed by the family of  Mehul Choksi, he went missing on 23 May 2021 after 5 pm, and it is nearly impossible to cover a seaway distance from Antigua to Dominica of 120 miles in 4-5 hours.

It approximately takes 13-14 hours to cover the distance between Antigua and Dominica islands. Some media reports claim that Choksi reached Dominica on the same day he went missing, that is, 23 May 2021.

Lennox has affirmed that Calliope of Arne yacht was utilized to move Mehul Choksi from Antigua to Dominica. On the other hand, the customs clearance document revealed that the ship left Antigua and Barbuda to Dominica island at around 10 am on 23 May 2021, and as per the statement of the house working staff of Choksi, he was present in his home till 5 pm on the same day.

This clearly states that the boat through which Choksi reached Dominica is not the same boat, and the opposition leader’s claim does not match the time difference.

The doctors at the Dominica China friendship hospital have stated that the nail injury of Choksi repeatedly displayed by his lawyers is an old wound. Still, it is possible that the other injuries, including a bruise on the arm and red-eye might be new, “these bruises could also be a result of the slight push or anything else as he is an old man suffering obesity,” the doctor said.







These facts clearly state that the timings are misunderstood, and the truth is yet to be revealed among people, was all this planned by Choksi himself to gain sympathy?

After the arrest of Choksi, his younger brother Chetan Chinubhai Choksi arrived in Dominica on 29 May 2021, and as per sources, right after Choksi’s brother completed his quarantine phase, he directly went to meet the leader of the opposition party at his residence.

The meeting took place for approximately two hours in which Choksi’s brother promised Lennox funding for the upcoming general elections at a total amount of $200,000. During the meeting, Chetan also asked the opposition leader to raise his voice in the parliament and issue statements favouring fugitive Choksi.

Soon after the arrest of Mehul Choksi, his family hired the best lawyers from the United Kingdom, India, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda. Since then, there have been two hearings of Choksi in the court.

The lawyers of Mehul Choksi have filed a petition of habeas corpus and stated that he had been kept aloof from his rights. Judge Bernie Stephenson would decide the next hearing after she meets both parties.

Since the family of Choksi does not have any financial resources, the family would utilize the money that Choksi took by deceiving the state-owned PNB bank of India and which belongs to the people of India.

Surprisingly, Mehul Choksi’s younger brother Chetan Choksi is also a bank defaulter. He cheated with $25M from ICIC bank’s UK subsidiary working under the Antwerp branch. Chetan is also facing legal action against his alleged $25 million embezzlement in Belgium court.

As per the media houses, various former allies of Choksi have also claimed that it is possible that Choksi himself would have planned this whole incident of abduction as he’s a very calculative man. Choksi’s ex-allies cited that he might have done this to divert the attention of the people and gain sympathy.

Statements of Choksi’s Wife

Choksi’s wife came into the limelight after Dominica court-ordered gag in relations to the case, keeping lawyers away from making media statements. Priti Choksi alleged that her husband was wilfully abducted from Jolly Harbour Antigua, but she fails to provide any proofs. Notably, Choksi was living in a fully security equipped vicinity, which includes 24/7 CCTV surveillance and checkpoints.

Priti Choksi
Priti Choksi and Mehul Choksi

The media diligently followed the saga uttered by Priti Choksi, who indirectly said that the Choksi family was peacefully living in the Caribbean country Antigua and Barbuda. After doing what? Robbing whooping amount of US $2 billion from India!

Senior Lawyers following Choksi’s case in India said that an Indian woman can’t let her husband enjoy around with a girlfriend. This is impossible that Priti did know that woman or allowed her Mehul Choksi to go out on a dinner date with a Bulgarian woman. “This looks more like a made-up story to cover up,” the statement added.

A new twist

Apart from this, Antiguan local also shared a picture of Mehul Choksi’s aide, who allegedly helped him to escape the country and reach Cuba. The person with Mehul Choksi in an image seems to be a person of Indian origin, but his identity has not been confirmed yet. Local police have said that they are not aware of any such person or his involvement. Yet, officials said they would identify the person and investigate his association with fugitive Mehul Choksi.

Mehul Choksi walking with an unidentified man
Mehul Choksi walking with an unidentified man

Giving more fuel to escape the story of Choksi, his personal cook, Govin had stated that he was going to Cuba in his safe house. Govin had revealed earlier that Choksi planned to shift his base to Cuba as the government was taking stringent actions to seek his extradition to India.

Picture of Govin
Picture of Govin