Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley recounts accomplishments of CCM in past five years 

Premier of Nevis- Mark Brantley, recounted the accomplishments and achievements of the Concerned Citizens Movement-led government in the past five years

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley recounts accomplishments of CCM in past five years 
Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley recounts accomplishments of CCM in past five years  Photo Credits: Premier Mark Brantley Facebook Page

Nevis: Premier of Nevis- Mark Brantley, recounted the accomplishments and achievements of the Concerned Citizens Movement-led government in the past five years. He stated that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the island nation has uplifted at a significant pace. 

Premier Brantley cited that in this election, the CCM Party is running on its stellar record in office over the past five years. 

Read here: Snapshot of CCM accomplishments despite losing two years due to Covid-19:

1. During Covid19 we did not fire a single public servant and we ensured that every public servant was paid on time and in full.

2. In 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 double salaries were paid to public servants and workers at statutory corporations. 4 doubles in 5 years is unprecedented.

3. We expanded our road network with major projects at Braziers, Brown Hill , Butlers, Shaws Road, Bath, Farms and the Island Main Road.

4. We built and opened the IAAF certified Mondo track which has helped our athletes develop into champions in the Federation and we also refurbished the drag race track.

5. We built and opened the new landmark Treasury Building in Charlestown.

6. We built and opened the water taxi pier at Oualie which has revolutionized travel between St Kitts and Nevis. We expect at least 200,000 passenger crossings this year.

7. We are engaged in the ongoing expansion at the Alexandra Hospital, an expansion 2.5 times the size of the existing hospital.

8. We purchased new ambulances, ventilators, generators and other critical equipment for our health sector.

9. We deployed CCTV islandwide and constructed a state of the art CCTV Command Center.

10. We built and commissioned a brand new police and fire station at NewCastle.

11. We provided the cultural venue, David Freeman Center of Excellence, at Market Shop where we hosted Culturama in 2021.

12. We purchased several new generators at Nevlec to ensure that we all now enjoy more reliable electricity.

13. We provided financial medical assistance averaging $650,000 per year to those in need.

14. We established a $5 million fund to provide seed money to assist youth and women entrepreneurs.

15. We purchased various vehicles for the police and army in Nevis and provided food and accommodation to the army regiment stationed in Nevis.

16. During the Covid pandemic we offered relief on water and electricity. We offered stimulus to our businesses and farmers. We increased our social safety nets to ensure that those who couldn’t afford could eat. We upgraded and outfitted our schools to make them Covid proof. We serviced our debt. We provided support to our statutory corporations.

17. We expanded our affordable housing programme and for the first time in history we have housing projects at Maddens, Hamilton, Craddock Road, Garners, Prospect and Rices happening at the same time. This far we have built some 170 homes.

18. We offered VAT and duty concessions on construction materials leading to a boom in the local home and commercial construction sector.

19. We provided financial assistance to Nevisian students studying abroad and online.

20. We built the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park in partnership within Taiwan.

21. We built the TVET center in Gingerland

22. We granted the largest salary increase in history to public servants of 15% payable over 3 years.

23. We rebuilt the Tender Pier in Charlestown

24. We secured screening equipment for the Long Point Port and Vance Amory airport.

25. We resurfaced the runway at the Vance Amory airport and upgraded the equipment at the Tower.

26. We funded the exploratory phase of the geothermal project with the drilling of test wells at Hamilton.

27. We built the Artisan Village, improved the Hereitage Village, improved the VOJN playing field including adding stands. We expanded the abbatoir and the Vet clinic.

28. We built a brand new Cultural Village which can accommodate up to 4,000 patrons and also improved the Cultural Complex.

29. We improved roads, sidewalks and drainage all across Charlestown.

30. We undertook the most ambitious water enhancement project in the history of Nevis incorporating new water mains, new storage tanks and a water treatment plant at Hamilton.

31. We undertook roof and home repairs after Hurricanes of 2017 to those affected and uninsured.

32. We granted free water and electricity for our elderly.

33. We upgraded and lit sporting facilities in Nevis including basketball courts (at Hardtimes, Bath, Church Ground, Ramsbury, Jessups and Corton Ground), cricket fields and the Netball/Basketball/Tennis complex in Charlestown.

34. We invested heavily in new equipment for Public Works including a new paver and milling machine to facilitate our road works.

35. We have purchased 2 brand new garbage trucks and various heavy equipment for the Solid Waste Management Authority and introduced Nevis’ first recycling programme.

36. We fixed sewage problems for over 58% of the homes in Cherry Gardens and Golden Grove.

37. We paid an honorarium of EC$2,000 to frontline workers who were instrumental in the fight against Covid.

38. We removed the fuel surcharge from households leading to a dramatic drop in electricity bills.

39. We designed and implemented Nevis’ first Retirement Benefits package for Non Established workers.

40. We increased nurses’ salaries and provided financial support to those training to become nurses.

41. We upgraded historic sites such as Fort Charles, New River and Eden Browne.

42. We created a 35 acre fruit orchard at Indian Castle planting as many as 5000 coconut palms and a wide variety of fruits.

43. We waived the 10% alien licence fee leading to real estate sales of over $100 milllion.

44. We created in partnership with MSR Media the Federation’s first movie industry with 9 films already made in Nevis and some 90 persons employed.

45. We converted the former Taiwanese farm at Cades Bay to a tourist leisure farm.

46. We passed and operationalized Integrity in Public Life legislation and have filed assets and liabilities now for the past 4 years with the Integrity Commission.

47. We installed a brand new state of the art 128 slice Phillips CT Scan at Alexandra Hospital, the first in the Federation.

48. We introduced the first ever Ear Nose and Throat clinic in the Federation for free partnering with doctors from the United States.