Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley expresses his feelings while leading political life

Through his social media, Premier Mark Brantley noted, "In this journey called life, everyone encounters all kinds of people. When one becomes a politician, those encounters have amplified a thousandfold." 

Nevis: Politics always remains a life of great ups and downs, and this is what Premier Mark Brantley has outlined in his profile. Premier of Nevis and the leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, Mark Brantley, penned down his feelings while leading a political life. 

Through his social media, Premier Mark Brantley noted, “In this journey called life, everyone encounters all kinds of people. When one becomes a politician, those encounters have amplified a thousandfold.” 

He expressed, “I have had childhood friends abandon me because they didn’t share my politics. I have had relatives disown me because I didn’t share their views. ” 

Premier Brantley stressed that he had people who supported vociferously and now condemn just as vociferously because he did not or could not give them what they demanded. He has been roundly condemned by many whom he has helped.”

While keeping his high spirit, Premier Mark Brantley emphasized that despite all the facts, her spirit is not vexed nor her soul daunted. Indeed, he sees this as but a manifestation of human nature in all its glorious uncertainty

He asserted that God has so ordained that for every person who condemns, there are ten who uplift. For everyone he has helped who now abuses her, there are twenty for whom he has done nothing who bless her. For every one that prays for her demise, there are a hundred who pray for her longevity. For every negative, there are a thousand positives.

Premier Mark Brantley stated that in life, then, we can choose to be defined by the negativity or rise gloriously through the love and positive energy of genuine friends, well-wishers and family.

“I choose to rise. I ask you to rise with me. And in so doing, let us transform ourselves and each other. May God bless and keep you, and may His Mercy be yours forever,” he expressed. 

Anglina Byron

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