Nevis: Meet six teens honoured at 12th annual 25 most remarkable teens award programme

Around six teens from Nevis have been honoured at the 12th Annual 25 Most Remarkable Teens Award Programme during a Special Sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. 

Nevis: Meet six teens honoured at 12th annual 25 most remarkable teens award programme
Nevis: Meet six teens honoured at 12th annual 25 most remarkable teens award programme

Nevis: Around six teens from Nevis have been honoured at the 12th Annual 25 Most Remarkable Teens Award Programme during a Special Sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. 

Meet six teens who received awards in different categories: 

  1. Miss Sidondre Flemming

Sidondre is being awarded in the category of Music & Performing Arts. Sidondre Flemming has always been a joy to be around as she has always been helpful and willing to participate in any event. 

Her enthusiasm made her a natural choice to represent the St. Thomas Primary School in the 2016 Culturama Talented Youth Pageant where she placed 1st runner-up as part of a duo. Her love for pageantry continuously grew and she captured the crown in the highly anticipated St. Thomas Fest Pageant in 2018. She dedicated her talent piece to her grandmother.

 Sidondre represented Nevis in the 39th Haynes Smith Talented Teen Pageant. Through her involvement in a modeling organization, she takes pride in teaching younger girls to build their confidence and self-esteem through community involvement and the art of modeling. Inspired by her love of helping others to look and feel their best, Sidondre also operates a home-based salon called Dreadlock Paradise that has been open for the past two (2) years.

Sidondre is a dexterous player of the grand piano and steel pan. She plays with the Young Vibrations Steel Orchestra and Oualie Rhythmz Steelband and is capable of playing single tenor, double tenor, double second, and bass pans. During her years at the Charlestown Secondary School, she served as choir leader and head of the school’s steel pan group. 

Although it was difficult in recruiting others to join the choir, she overcame the challenge by highlighting the different genres of songs that can be used in choral singing, such as pop, dancehall, gospel, and reggae.

Sidondre comes from a long line of singers, and always finds herself lending her voice to the ears around as she never passes on an opportunity to sing. She performed at the Department of Community Development’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing” in 2019, “Poetry with Fashion and Song”, and NCDF’s Bringing Life and Culture (BLAC) in 2020. 


Sidondre performed annually at the tree lighting ceremonies in Jessups and Cotton Ground and was asked to perform for her graduation from the Charlestown Secondary School in 2021. She also participated in the Nevis Tourism Authority and Culturama song competition with her original piece “Perfect Place.”

No matter how busy she is, Sidondre always finds time to commit to God in the St. Thomas Anglican Church, as a member and altar server. She is known as the church songbird and her melodic voice can be heard harmonizing in the Junior Choir, or even through a solo Sunday serenade.

Sidondre maintains that music has gotten her through all the challenging moments of her life and wishes for others to harness the power of music. She hopes to start a programme that would get other children more involved in music and the arts as she has witnessed how music can bring people together. 

Sidondre also dreams of creating her own steel pan orchestra that features live singing. She has been recognized as a reputable performer for the Federation, and now she is being recognized as a remarkable teen.

  • Omarion Bartlette

Omarion is being awarded in the category of Most Promising. Omarion Bartlette has always been mild-mannered, docile and a bit introverted., He generally felt indifferent towards school and had even accepted the idea that he was not the studious type.

For as long as he could recall, Omarion was a member of the lower stream until his 4th form year. After returning high passes in his CCSLC exams, he felt motivated; as he recognized that there was much potential. Omarion was given the opportunity to repeat form 4 in the mainstream and pursue subjects at the CSEC level; this was such a rare thing for boys within his community to even consider doing. 

Despite a few minor snags in the beginning while adjusting, over those two (2) years Omarion’s conduct and dedication to his school work were nothing but exemplary. He not only developed a more engaging attitude towards school but also even discovered his preference for the technical subjects. With much hard work, aid from teachers and determination, this young man was able to successfully acquire 6 CSEC subjects including: Mathematics, English, Metal Work, Information Technology, Building and Furniture Technology and Electrical Technology. 

Omarion’s journey and his success would bring tears to many who truly understood how far he came from. Currently, he is in the second year of his CAPE Associate Degree Programme at the Nevis Sixth Form College. With newly expanded horizons, Omarion Bartlette is now able to dream and realistically pursue a career in Electrical Engineering.

When he is not working hard on his future, like most teenagers, Omarion can be found playing video games such as FIFA. He is a lover of football; and he is a valued midfielder for the Baths United Football Club. In 2014 he was a part of the club’s Under 17 team that won the Nevis Football Championship that year. Furthermore, he was a member of the Charlestown Secondary School basketball team that participated in NABA’s 2018 league, before its dissolution. To add to that, he was awarded with the trophy of Most Valuable Player. Although very quiet and even tempered, he can be a very energetic and aggressive player when he gets into his zone.

Omarion dreams of seeing sporting areas in his community improved one day. He believes that if the space and environment becomes more inviting, then more people would want to be involved. He even attested that if given the resources he would help out those in need in a heartbeat. By accomplishing such a feat he has made his family, past teachers, and himself proud. He is now an example to the young boys within his community; and for that reason, it is clear that Omarion Bartlette has a very promising future ahead of him.

She hopes to start a programme that would get other children more involved in music and the arts as she has witnessed how music can bring people together. Sidondre also dreams of creating her own steel pan orchestra that features live singing. She has been recognized as a reputable performer for the Federation, and now she is being recognized as a remarkable teen.

  • Miss Sienna Henville

Sienna is being awarded in the category of Youth Activism. Sienna’s progressive and spirited nature has led her to be a high-achieving student throughout her academic pursuit. She naturally gravitates towards positions of leadership and was the treasurer in her primary school’s student council, and president of the student government association during her last two years at the Nevis International Secondary School. 

She was able to plan events that were enjoyed by the students, while still representing and advocating for their needs and interests. With a demonstrated love for learning and hard work, Sienna was able to acquire 9 CSEC subject passes during her high school tenure.

Despite the challenges Sienna and her family faced during the pandemic, she looked past her own circumstances for ways to help others in the community. Her empathy led her to begin providing groceries for two families who had experienced job loss and financial challenges. She also began paying for the school meal fees for one student. Sienna’s selflessness, goodwill, and positivity was able to make an impact on members of her community.

In her spare time, she uses music and dance to calm herself. Whether it is dancing in the privacy of her own home or on the stage at recital, she uses any opportunity to express herself. She has been an active member of the Rhythmz Dance Theater for the past nine years and plays the tenor pan in the Oualie Rhythmz Steel Band for the past four years. Currently, she is the treasurer of the group’s executive council. Furthermore, Sienna is also a very active and confirmed member of the St. Thomas Anglican Church. She currently serves as secretary on the executive board of the Anglican’s Young People Association (AYPA) and lends her voice in the Youth Choir.

Sienna is a passionate advocate for women’s rights, specifically their reproductive rights, and is vocal about the stance taken by our Federation and the wider region. She is preparing to pursue a career in Law, which to her is the ideal career choice that would give her the opportunity to represent the interests and rights of the people. 

This past summer, Sienna had the opportunity to complete an internship with Daniel Brantley and Associates Law Firm which was an enriching experience for her. Ultimately, Sienna’s true passion is discovering ways in which she can impact the Federation through her love of knowledge and desire for equality.

  • Devonté Browne

Devonté is being awarded in the category of Leadership & Volunteerism. 

Within every capacity, Devonté Browne has always been willing to serve. Throughout his life, he has been especially very active in church. Devonté grew up in the Adventurer’s Club and later advanced to the Mannings Progressive Pathfinders Club. He took part in any and every activity being organized by the club; whether it was taking the initiative to carry out devotional exercises or assisting during afternoon club sessions. It was undisputable that Devonté was reliable and committed.

Currently, he serves as the Pathfinder’s Drill Major, a role he enjoys because he is skilled with the art of drilling and marching. He takes his time to ensure the other pathfinders are able to grasp various turns and commands. At his young age, he has already been chosen to be dorm leader for summer camps. On several occasions, Devonté has been a flag bearer for Pathfinders Day, Congresses and other Marches. He is not just a Saturday attendee, he is always there for the church, moving up from reciting poems to getting leading roles in plays and so much more. He even volunteered to do a lot of the heavy lifting in order to assist in the church’s renovations.

For as long as he could remember, Devonté has been playing the drums; having fond memories of drumming with his father after being picked up from school. When the cultural arts initiatives came around it was only natural for him to join in the African drumming. By the time he was twelve years old he felt urged to learn to play the drumset, and worked hard to recognize the advanced patterns and timing. For the last few years, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of being the church’s percussionist. Furthermore, Devonté has also been involved in the cultural art form of masquerade. 

He was given the opportunity to dance masquerade for the arrival of Prince Harry with a combined masquerade troop, where he was designated as the group’s leader.

When he was in grade 5, Devonté was the youngest student campaigning for the position of President of the Student Government. He won in a landslide; and even captured the votes of some students from the other teams. Many of them attested that they loved his leadership style, and thought that he did his best to represent their needs to authority. His communication skills and his ability to unite the young and old is truly a gift. His teachers at the Charlestown Secondary School often describe him as a breath of fresh air.

Devonté’s dream is to see more extracurricular activities in his community, as he believes that involvement in art, music and sports keeps people grounded and cheerful. He has acknowledged being fortunate enough to have been instilled with values that have allowed him to help the community as much as he has at his age, and bypass negative influences. Throughout his life, he has been honest, caring, diplomatic and of ironclad composure; true hallmarks of a remarkable teen. 

  • Miss Brianna Browne

Brianna is being awarded in the category of Academics. Brianna Browne is the perfect example of focus and concentration. Her educational journey commenced at the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School where she maintained an average of above 80% through her years there. Upon completing primary school, she entered the Gingerland Secondary School where she continued to keep a high academic record and has made the honor roll several times. When she completed her CSEC exams in 2020, Brianna graduated as the Valedictorian of the Gingerland Secondary School with 12 CSEC passes.

This scholar’s academic journey includes competing in the Nevis Tourism Quiz in 2015, where her school placed second; she was also her primary school’s Student Council President from 2014 to 2015. Brianna Browne is a believer that failure brings about the best kind of experience, and said that many of her accomplishments would not have been achieved without trial and error. Generally, she has a burning desire to help people.; he commenced studies in 2020 at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where she was enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant Programme at the Health Sciences Division. However, after having that exposure, Brianna still yearned for more of a challenge and has since transferred to the CAPE Natural Sciences Programme. She has high hopes of becoming the nation’s first cardiothoracic surgeon.

Brianna’s success is even seen in her church activities. Currently, she is an Assistant leader in the Adventist Youth Department, Gingerland Seventh-Day Adventist Church.; She also teaches the Gingerland Adventurer Club. She wholeheartedly enjoys being able to help guide children, and it often affords her the opportunity to share the knowledge she gained as a child at that same institution. Brianna successfully completed the six classes of the Gingerland Pathfinders Club; and during her time in the club, she competed in the Bible Bowl and represented Nevis in 2018, e emerging the eventual winner. 

She competed federally in the Bible Search where she placed first for three consecutive years. Presently, Brianna is a Counselor and the Secretary for the Gingerland Adventurer Club. Although she finds great enjoyment in these activities, in her spare time she can be found hanging out with her friends or working out in the gym.

Brianna’s overall goal is to make a difference; and although she has already had several accomplishments, she still considers herself an underdog and remains committed to doing better with each new day. This remarkable humble teen is Brianna Browne.

Brianna wants everyone to remember her name because she is going to be great.

  • Shamarie Roberts

Shamarie is being awarded in the category of Sports. Shamarie Newton-Roberts has become a household name in St. Kitts and Nevis, where track and athletics is concerned. His athletic journey began at the age of three (3) when he was registered at the Charlestown Preschool in Nevis and was placed in Green House. 

Although he was not considered much of an athlete then, his accomplishments in his latter years would prove otherwise. Shamarie was enrolled at the Charlestown Primary School and was often commended for his performance in the sprinting races, as well as the relays, usually placing 2nd or 3rd. It was only in grade 5 when Shamarie began to show a keen interest in track and field and began his training which launched his athletic career. Being such a promising athlete, Shamarie represented his school at the Gulf Insurance Inter Primary School Championship. He was diligent, focused, and determined to win.

Shamarie continued his education at the Charlestown Secondary School where he began to stand out among his peers. While at Charlestown Secondary, Shamarie continued to break records in the 200 and 400meter races, and earned the titles of Class Champion and Victor Ludorum. With such outstanding performances, Shamarie was guaranteed a place representing his school in the TDC Inter High School Championship where he dominated the 100, 200, and 400 meter races, as well as the 4×100 and 4×400 meter relay races.

Being such an accomplished athlete, Shamarie has also been an athletic ambassador for his country and federation at several regional sports meets. He was selected to represent the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in Anguilla in 2017, Tortola in 2018, Grenada in 2019, and Martinique in 2022. Shamarie has also competed in two Carifta Games; in the Cayman Islands in 2019, and Jamaica in 2022. Recently, He travelled to Columbia and represented St. Kitts and Nevis in the World Junior track meet. His biggest accomplishments are securing a gold and a silver medal at the Whitsuntide Meet in Grenada, and a bronze medal he secured with his teammates in the Cayman Islands. This year in Jamaica, Shamarie ran a personal best time of 10.67 seconds in the 100m race.

Additionally, Shamarie also played football for his primary school team and is currently a member of the Bath United Football Club. He has played in the Under 15 and Under 17 football tournaments, both locally and regionally and was selected to travel to Barbados with the St. Kitts and Nevis Under 17 football team in 2019. Being an all-rounder, Shamarie has played cricket and represented his school throughout the years and won the Most Outstanding Bowler Title throughout the league. 

In 2017, he represented Nevis as part of the Under 17 Nevis Cricket team that traveled to St. Martin. Currently, He is a part of the Pioneer Cricket Club.

Shamarie is the true embodiment of what it means to be a sportsman. His natural ability and dedication would, however, be lost without the guidance and unconditional support of his parents, family, and wider community. Shamarie Newton-Roberts wishes to one day become an Olympic medalist and has already proven that he has the determination, discipline, and support needed to achieve his goals. He is truly a remarkable teen.