NBA conductes 11 matches on 16th January 2024

NBA conducted 11 matches on 16th January 2024 , know here the results of matches and upcoming fixtures for 17th January 2024

NBA Matches
NBA Matches

NBA conducted 11 matches on 16th January 2024. Here are the results of the matches:

  1. Memphiz Grizzlies won the match against Golden State Warriors by 9 points. Memphiz Grizzlies scored 116 points and Golden State Warriors scored 107 points.
  2. Los Angeles Lakers won the match against Thunder OKC by 7 points. Los Angeles Lakers scored 112 points, and Thunder OKC scored 105 points.
  3. Boston Celtics won the match against Toronto Raptors by 9 points. Boston Celtics scored 105 points and Toronto Raptors scored 96 points.
  4. Detroit Pistons scored the match against Washington Wizards by 12 points. Detroit Pistons scored 129 points and Washington Wizards scored 117 points.
  5. Philadelphia 76ers won the match against Houston Rockets by 9 points. Philadelphia 76ers scored 124 points and Houston Rockets scored 115 points.
  6. Atlanta Hawks won the match against San Antonio Spurs by 10 points. Atlanta Hawks scored 109 points, and San Antonio Spurs scored 99 points.
  7. Dallas Mavericks won the match against the New Orleans Pelicans by 5 points. Dallas Mavericks scored 125 points, and the New Orleans Pelicans scored 120 points.
  8. Utah Jazz won the match against Indiana Pacers by 27 points. Utah Jazz scored 132 points and Indiana Pacers scored 105 points.
  9. Orlando Magic won the match against the New York Knicks by 4 points. Orlando Magic scored 98 points and New York Knicks scored 94 points.
  10. Cleveland Cavaliers won the match against the Chicago Bulls by 18 points. Cleveland Cavaliers scored 109 points and Chicago Bulls scored 91 points.
  11. Miami Heat won the match against Nets Brooklyn by 1 point. Miami Heat scored 96 points, and Nets Brooklyn scored 95 points.

3 matches have been scheduled for 17th January 2024. The fixtures are as follows:

  1. Denver Nuggets will compete against Philadelphia 76ers at 6:00 AM
  2. Sacramento Kings will compete against Phoenix Suns at 7:30AM
  3. Thunder OKC will compete against LA Clippers at 8:30 AM