MP Seecharn criticise Deyal Singh for mismanagement of COVID situation in TT

The Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Terrence Deyal Singh, has played a poor leadership while handling the situation of the novel coronavirus, which could be clearly witnessed in the COVID-19 management committee, as per Caroni East MP Dr Rishi Seecharan.

While addressing the media conference on Saturday, February 19, 2022, MP Seecharan criticised Health Minister Deyal Singh and cited that more than 3,500 people have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the situation has arrived to make the committee investigate the pandemic management in Trinidad and Tobago.

He noted, “The committee should be permitted to work and continue its assessment and allowed to enhance the honesty in the investigation which includes, policies on testing and the procuring of vaccines should be evaluated”.

Caroni MP Seecheren asked the question of why Prof Seemungal and the distinguished committee have not advised the government on the situation of the pandemic.

He further bashed Health Minister Deyal Singh and underscored that it was really unfortunate as reports have clearly shown that the government failed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and not meted out to medical staff.

MP also condemned the minister on the committee report and noted that the report shows that there is a great shortage of doctors and nurses in the hospital of Trinidad and Tobago, and the medical workers are being forced to overwork and the non-medical functions. Moreover, the working conditions were poor as nurses had to work long hours in PPE, asserted MP Seecharan.

“The single nurse is handling a total of 30 patients which further showed the systemic failure as they were not able to provide basic facilities to the nursing resources,” MP Seecharan.

He further exclaimed that the dictators of Trinidad and Tobago had faced huge shortages of midazolam, methylprednisolone and propofol, and they have used Dexamethasone instead of methylprednisolone due to shortage.

The Health Minister of Dayal Singh has failed to cope with the issue of non-communicable diseases in the population as the authorities have not initiated rigorous public education campaigns to promote lifestyle changes, healthy foods, regular exercise and the dangers of alcohol and tobacco use, claimed by MP Seecharan.

“So, the situation is showing the great failure of the health ministry of Trinidad and Tobago, but I firmly urged the government to implement the 16 recommendations of the report with the sense of urgency”, MP Seecharan.

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