More than half of target population vaccinated in Dominica

National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, presents some crucial information among Dominica people. 

Dominica: National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, presents some crucial information among Dominica people. 

National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, said that there are six active cases in Dominica and a total of 158 recoveries from exogenous coronavirus.

Moreover, he added, Dominica has not encountered any death related to lethal Coronavirus, all our active cases are currently asymptomatic, coronavirus transmission remains sporadic. The nation has immunized 17,674 individuals in the respective vaccination drive. The immunization drive has vaccinated 38% of Dominica’s target population.

Additionally, he mentioned, there are no severe side-effects observed by the people after vaccination in Dominica. He acknowledged the service of the Vaccine management team, including primary health care, central health store and respective labs. 

He also acknowledged the participation of Dominica’s people who have taken the antidote and made it possible to cover the vaccination. He urged the people who have still not taken the jab to take it.

While addressing the monthly press conference, Mignon Rolle-Shillingford, coordinator of Health Promotion Unit, presents some crucial information among Dominica people. 

She thanked all established institutions for taking vaccines, including bankers, hoteliers, faith-based organisations, desper, entertainers, Parliamentarians, national councils and other leaders.

Also, acknowledge members of the Dominica Red Cross for volunteering at vaccination centers and for providing mobile vaccination flasks to the international organisation for migration (IOM).

Rolle-Shillingford also appreciated entertainer such a Tasha P, Mr Peter to make vaccine jingle, which became very popular ” Take the vaccine.” 

Notably, she thanked cultural ambassador WIN Benji Benjamin and James Rodney from the Triple K Band.

Apart from this, She also praised Captain of the national football team Glenson Prince for his advocacy.

While addressing vaccine authenticity, the Health Promotion Unit coordinator noted that vaccines are a simple, safe and effective way of preventing the spread of infectious diseases with minor side effects. 

Additionally, She also confirms to Dominica people that every vaccine made after various steps and is completely safe.

She acknowledged scientists for their efforts to make vaccine so quickly; she also noted that science had developed fast, which leads to the manufacturing of vaccine. 

“Around 600 million people have already vaccinated worldwide.”Rolle-Shillingford said .

She said that if people vaccinated themselves, they would not get the severe illness from COVID-19; they would not require to get hospitalised.

“All vaccines in Dominica have more than 79 % of efficacy rate.” She added. 

She noted that if anyone would come from a high-risk country, those have to be quarantined as per Dominican Health protocols. 

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