Montserrat: Former Chief Minister found guilty for sexual exploitation

Montserrat: The Former Chief Minister and Attorney of Montserrat – David Samuel Brandt, has been charged with six counts of sexual harassment/ exploitation. Despite this, the politician has also been charged for bribing the course of Justice. 

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court declared the politician guilty on Wednesday. 

Initially, Brandt was arrested on September 18, 2015, explicitly charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He was then released on the bail amount of EC$20,000 bail.

Then in the year 2018, in November, the former Chief Minister was again arrested by the local police supported by the members of the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency – NCA. He was then charged with two counts of child sexual exploitation and one charge for giving bribe to the Justice. 

After that, he was released on the bail amount of EC$90,000. As per the reports, the government of the United Kingdom, via the National Crime Agency, has spent more than – £200,000 to investigate former Chief Minister – Brandt alleged child sex abuse case, and now he has been declared guilty. 

Earlier, at that time, the politician claimed that he is innocent and asserted, “I am not guilty of these charges. My day in court would show that is the case, & that I am innocent. All the allegations that have been brought against me are totally false.”

Brandt currently remains in the custody of the police till July 14 2021. Till June 18, In the year 2019, Brandt has been remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison in Montserrat until his trial began in the month of November 2019. 

Political career of Brandt – 

David Brandt has remained the Attorney and Chief Minister of Montserrat from August 22 1997, to April 5 2001. He was the sixth Chief Minister who held the office. 

Brandt took retirement from the active politics in the year of 2001. Being a member of the Legislative Council of Montserrat, Brandt won a seat in every election since his first attempt in 1983. 


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