MMCE to complete construction on climate-resilient “Dominica International Airport” by 2025

MMCE to complete construction on climate-resilient
MMCE to complete construction on climate-resilient "Dominica International Airport" by 2025

Dominica: Montreal Management Consultants Est. is a known firm in the Caribbean region for making world-class infrastructures. This firm in Dominica had performed efficiently to take the island forward on the path of development and resilience. It is supporting the country in building international airports, climate-resilient infrastructures including homes, community centres and health centres.

MMCE and Labour Party-led administration are collectively working on the dream project of constructing an international airport in Dominica. This project is funded by the capital generated by the Citizenship by Investment programme.

Approximately 800-900 million dollars is estimated to be spent in constructing the International Airport project and other earth-moving activities.

A few months back, government officials signed an agreement with MMCE on June 9 to construct the new international airport on the island, which will allow Dominica to welcome long-haul flights from across the globe.

PM Skerrit expressed gratitude to the MMCE for their partnership in this project. As the government has assured that local contractors will be hired for the construction and other material, PM suggested the local contractors to use the money carefully that they would be earning from the project.

This project has undergone many postponements, and now after decades, it is in progress and will get completed.

PM Skerrit said that the international airport project is supposed to be completed in the coming 5 years. The International Airport would be welcoming big commercial and cargo flights from across the world.

While talking about the progress of the work on the project PM Skerrit said that they had acquired the lands that were coming in between the area decided for the project. The government has already initiated the construction of new homes for the people who were displaced due to the project. At the Joe Burton, several housing units will be given to the people whose lands were acquired by the government.

MMCE had come up as an organisation that is committed to its work and project assigned. The Caribbean region has so far witnessed that several major companies start the projects but leave the work in between due to several reasons. The MMCE has displayed the workmanship in Dominica and has completed over 1100 homes for the families affected by the natural calamities.