MMCE and Range continue to build climate-resilient structures in Caribbean

MMCE and Range continue to build climate-resilient structures in Caribbean
MMCE and Range continue to build climate-resilient structures in Caribbean

Caribbean: The MMCE – Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE) and Range Developments are making an extraordinary effort by their construction work in the Caribbean Region.

With the farsighted leadership and workmanship of MMCE and Range developments, small countries of the Caribbean has channelled significant resources into the betterment of its citizens. This is accredited to the stable leadership of MMCE CEO’s Antony Haiden and Range developments MD, Mohammed Asaria.

Where various other construction companies take the contracts and then abandon them, these companies are doing exceptional work with their commitment to the completion of development projects on time.

Range developments firm which was founded in the year of 2011 and is the only
CBI developer that has completed two five-star luxury resorts. Whereas construction of third luxurious resort in under construction in Grenada.

The projects of the Range includes – Range Developments’ flagship project, the ultra-luxury 5-star resort Park Hyatt in St.Kitts, and the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, which was inaugurated in the year of 2019 in Dominica. 

Cabrits resort & spa kempinski in Dominica.
Cabrits resort & spa kempinski in Dominica.

Range development is all set to complete its third project on Grenada island by the year of 2022, named as – Six Senses La Sagesse.

Six Senses La Sagesse project of Range developments in Grenada.
Six Senses La Sagesse project of Range developments in Grenada.

The MMCE has also executed various construction projects in the Caribbean island the Commonwealth of Dominica.

MMCE is helping to keep the promise of Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit that every single family living in Dominica would have a climate-resilient home that too free of any charge. PM had announced to build over 5000 climate-resilient houses for the people of Dominica.

The housing revolution is among the most extensive projects which are entirely being funded by the nation’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. And with the tireless and collective efforts of government, public and private companies, Dominica is on its path to become world’s first climate resilient nation.

Climate resilient houses built by MMCE
Climate resilient houses built by MMCE.

The projects carried out by MMCE and Range are not only helping Dominica’s sustainable goals, but also helps in elimination of poverty in the country. Both of the points fall under the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

PM Skerrit had stated that the project might cost government a lot but the investment is believed to be worth as people’s lives are more precious than money. He added that people who receive their homes would be permanent owners of the property.

Besides this, MMCE has also signed a contract with the Dominica government to build an international airport on the island. CEO Dr Anthony Haiden states, “The international airprot is the biggest contract undertaking not only in the history of Dominica, but also in the history of the region.”

Dominica International airport to be built by MMCE.
Dominica International airport to be build by MMCE.

MMCE has also helped in the construction of various community centres in the Caribbean region. Primarily, the construction of Marigot hospital is also among the flagship projects which boost the medical services in Dominica. MMCE has also built 40,000 square feet two story hospital with 75 bed capacity would provides enormous medical facilities to the people, such as ambulatory services, intensive care unit, emergency care, maternity and pediatric care, radiology services, laboratory and trauma Centre.

Marigot hospital built by MMCE in Dominica.
Marigot hospital built by MMCE in Dominica.

The MMCE is also focusing on building the develop a National indoor Sports Complex, which would serve as a venue for both national and international sporting events.

These companies are totally committed in developing the infrastructure of the Caribbean region.

The companies have displayed workmanship of dedication while uplifting the Caribbean countries to become sustainable, climate-resilient and advanced medical infrastructure. The Commonwealth of Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis are among the countries which have most rising economies while raising the standards of living.