Microsoft will launch its Surface Earbuds before the year ends

Today, during the Microsoft October 2019 event, the window maker almost surprised everybody as it unveiled the Surface Earbuds. The Surface Earbuds are a follow-up to the Surface Headphones and will directly compete with Apple’s market-dominating AirPods.

We have reports that the device which Microsoft has unveiled in the market and is called Surface Earbuds will be far more robust and feature-rich than Apple AirPods. But the negative side of the product is that it is more expensive than Apple’s AirPods and is less portable than the former.

One of our news sources got to put their hands on the Surface Earbuds and he shared that the device was just awesome. Surface Earbuds has been designed in a way that will impressive everything that will come in its way in practically every regard, from audio performance to additional features. Both Google and Apple have a not-so-little something to worry about, too, as Surface Earbuds will work on either platform.

We have reports that Micorosft will launch the Surface Earbuds before the end of the year and in the US it will be available for $ 249, while in Europe and Australia it would be available for about £199 and AU$360 respectively. The price for which the device will come will include two Surface Earbuds along with a charging case and three sizes of silicone ear tips.

If prices are to be considered, the device is 25% costlier than Apple’s AirPods that also comes with a charging case for sure. Also, the prices of the device are 36% higher than Apple’s AirPods with a normal charging case.