MEP Elena Kountoura shares speech of Alexis Tspiras on impeachment proposal of Mitsotakis

Elena Kountoura, a member of the European Parliament, shared the speech of Alexis Tspiras, a Greek politician, on an impeachment proposal for the head of state, Mitsotakis.

Europe: Elena Kountoura, a member of the European Parliament, shared the speech of Alexis Tspiras, a Greek politician, on an impeachment proposal for the head of state, Mitsotakis.

Read here: Full statement of Alexis Tspiras on impeachment proposal for the head of state Mitsotakis- The Parliament will decide: With Democracy or with deportation?

For those wondering what the file I was holding when I left the ADAE offices yesterday, it’s time to solve their question: Undeniable evidence. The illegal works of Mr.’s dark side state Mitsotaki.

The stripping of the illegal state by the most competent Authority of the state. Greek society has been living for six months in a vortex of revelations about an unbelievable number of interceptions. In the vortex of the most extensive and deepest deviation from the rule of law the country has seen since the Transition and beyond. In the vortex of an unprecedented scandal.

A criminal network, but based in the Maximos Palace itself and coordinated by the Prime Minister himself. In his full knowledge, he set up an Orwellian dystopia.

Mitsotakis, as the brain and leader of this criminal network, proceeded with these actions because, above all else, he is possessed by a deep conscience and arrogance.

He grew up as a prince and now he thought he became king.
And he thought he would be for life. That nobody, ever, will check him.

On December 8, instead of answering me directly “there are no hearings by the Chief of Staff and Minister of Government” and that “yes, I will resign if such a thing is revealed,” he chose to humble himself, running away. Why did he choose that? Because he, as the brain of the subordinate, of course, knew who he was listening to.

I have officially requested an audit by ADAE, so that it becomes clear whether they were actually connected by the EYP by a decree signed by the competent EYP Prosecutor, the Minister of Labor. Chatzidakis, the Chief of the General Assembly Floros, the Chief of the General Staff, Floros Lalousis, the former National Security Advisor, Diakopoulos, the former and current head of the General Equipment Directorate, Lagios and Alexopoulos And the answer I received to this closed envelope, officially, was: six out of six.

Attachments to the EYP of Mr. were found for everyone Mitsotaki. And just like that we are officially up to number 10. He organized the criminal network in order to have not only useful information for opponents, friends, financial factors, military leadership.

But also to have them in hand. Let him blackmail them. Be aware of their thoughts, pursuits, weaknesses. EYP Mitsotaki heard Army Chiefs, Security Advisor and head of the Equipment Department for two years. The critical question: Are our national security alarms dangerous to our national security? And if so, why are they in their place?

If ND MPs can swallow all of this, either because they are blackmailed by the surveillance evidence, or because they are thinking about their re-election, I sympathize with them. We will not swallow the diversion. We are submitting a motion of no confidence against the Mitsotakis Government as a first step of the course to the people in defending Democracy, transparency and justice.

Mitsotakis will be forced to come to Parliament – even if he wants to constantly run away – to explain, to account, to answer. And the Parliament will be forced to decide: With Democracy or with deportation?

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