“Men can cook,” says Nevis’ Premier Mark Brantley

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, premier of Nevis Mark Brantley eating local food
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, premier of Nevis Mark Brantley eating local food

St Kitts and Nevis: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, Mark Brantley has a distinct knack of cooking food while promoting the slogan “Men can cook” as well as local and traditional foods.

St Kitts and Nevis lawmaker, Mark Brantley usually exhibits his cooking skills and food love through his social media platforms to the local residents while encouraging them to use local products.

He shared glimpses of the oven, in which a local ham “produced at the Abbatoir in Nevis using all local pork.”

Mark stated, “It tastes absolutely amazing.”

He also urged people to “buy local, eat local.” despite this, he also tried to break the stereotypes of society by promoting the slogan “Men can cook”.

In an another, post share by him on his official Twitter handle, Minister expressed his love towards local fish made with fresh oils at Barnes Ghaut village of Nevis.

From his posts, it has been seen that local fish seemed to be one of the favourite fish, especially he enjoyed with the family. He usually loved stewed snapper caught locally in Nevis.

As St Kitts and Nevis have fortunate to have seas which have been given by nature, and nature also gives some delicious food from it.

Mark Brantley said, “Nevis has so many exquisite culinary offerings. I enjoyed this seafood
paella at The Dune .”

He also loves to Raid the coconut trees from his own backyard and own cooked chicken soup.

His dedication makes him different, and his efforts play a tremendous role in promoting the culture and traditions of the SKN.

As a food lover, he knows the importance of food and need of the food, so in pandemic time his response to Covid-19 included a greater emphasis on agriculture and food security his government gave free water, seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, land fencing and preparation, free animal feed and free fish pot wire. The results have been astonishing for the people of SKN during the period of lockdowns amid Covid-19 outbreak.

Premier of Nevis displayed his gratitude towards his fellow friends and shared a picture of “Fresh Whelks” which he received from a fisherman friend.

He added, “As we promote greater food security in Nevis, I encourage our people to continue to #BuyLocal #EatLocal.”

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