Melissa Skerrit urge Dominicans to support small businesses

The opening ceremony of Roseau Christmas Village 2023 took place on Friday, 8th September 2023 at the Botanical Gardens, Roseau

Roseau Christmas Village 2023
Roseau Christmas Village 2023

The opening ceremony of the Roseau Christmas Village 2023 took place on Friday, 8th September 2023, at the Botanical Gardens, Roseau.

Minister of Housing Melissa Skerrit addressed the audience, expressing her excitement about officially launching the Roseau Christmas Village 2023, which aims to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and bring joy.

She said that the endeavour was an opportunity to bring smiles on people’s face of all ages and from all walks of life. She also mentioned that Christmas is a special time of the year when the faces of children light up with expectations and it marks the reunion of family and friends.

Meilssa Skerrit at Christmas Village, Dominica
Meilssa Skerrit at Christmas Village, Dominica

“This endeavour serves as an evidence of my commitment to foster a joyous atmosphere with uplifting music, positive energy and a space where families can come together and socialise. This is a place where couples can make lasting memories,” said Melissa Skerrit during an event.

Melissa Skerrit mentioned the various ventures that took place this year, such as the establishment of people’s park playground, the celebration of mother’s day, father’s day, tribute to all parents and outreach programmes for the elderly.

She further added, “We provided 100 homes to the deserving families and next week we are preparing for a grander Christmas parade involving the entire community.”

Melissa Skerrit urged the guests to shop from the village and support the local entrepreneurs and small businesses, “The Christmas village is a platform where local entrepreneurs can showcase their creativity and talent. You will notice handmade crafts adorned with tropical motives. The Roseau Christmas Village embodies the essence of Dominica’s culture, craftsmanship and creativity.”

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, also shared his excitement on the opening ceremony of the Christmas village. He recognised and thanked the esteemed guests of the event for their presence.

Christmas Village, Dominica
Christmas Village, Dominica

Prime Minister called upon Dominicans to light up during Christmas and is thankful that country has overcome its challenges.

Roosevelt Skerrit said that he feels elated that they are catering to more than 60 small businesses who will be showcasing their talents and products of Dominica. He also mentioned about a special section at the Christmas village known as the “Lover’s Lane”.

He assured that the initiative will bring joy, love and peace to the lives of people. He also urged the guests to bring along their loved ones, to enjoy, to support the entrepreneurs and to ensure that every child has a toy and the less fortunate are uplifted.

The official opening was marked with the event of lighting of Christmas tree by Melissa Skerrit .

The event had Music, entertainment, gift shops, local crafts, foods and beverages, kids fun zone and lots more.

Chinese ambassador of Dominica, Lin Xianjiang also addressed the audience. He appreciated and commended the achievements and endeavours of Dominica. He further quoted by saying that the event was an opportunity to focus on the real purpose of the holiday season: connection and sharing. He proudly mentioned the strong and friendly relations between Dominica and China.

Chinese ambassador of Dominica, Lin Xianjiang
Chinese ambassador of Dominica, Lin Xianjiang

The event continued with Christmas carolling and the people had an amazing time shopping, savouring the delicious local food and beverages and indulging in various activities.

The Roseau Christmas Village 2023 will be open till 7th January 2024 and the opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 6 PM to 11 PM

Friday to Sunday: 4 PM to 12 AM