Melissa Skerrit inaugurates Santa’s Mall at Roseau Bayfront


Mrs Skerrit addressing people of Dominica

Embarking on Christmas and new year, Parliament Representative from Roseau Central, Mrs Melissa Poponne Skerrit, inaugurated Santa’s mall at Roseau Bayfront. She also congratulated people by emphasizing the value of Christmas.

Melissa Skerrit also invited the general public to forward and shop from various stalls installed at the Santa’s Mall. She said vendors from all across Dominica installed their stalls at the mall and are offering various services and products to locals and tourists.

While highlighting the celebration themes, she said, “Christmas has always have been associated with joy, laughter, peace. Christmas renews hope for the new year as the new year signifies new opportunities, fresh possibilities.”


PM Skerrit along with his family

“In this vein, I decided to organize this magnificent Roseau Christmas District filled with Christmas motifs, dazzling light displays, ornaments, and Noel merriments.”

Further marking the importance of love and family, she said, “Christmas is a time for our families and loved ones to come together and reconnect with our loved ones to express our love and support with each other.”

Moreover, the Christmas district spanned from Pebbles park to Bayfront, which will allow more space for vendors and visitors as social distancing.

Mrs Skerrit further added that “we are aware that many vendors and small businesses see Christmas as an opportunity. This propelled me to continue into this year and expand and provide the chance to over fifty resilient local small business owners to showcase their products and services at Santa’s mall. ”

With the recent spike in Covid-19, the Dominican Government is already planning to monitor the incoming passengers and have been keen on screening people showing symptoms.

Meanwhile, the Government has made a concerted effort to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols. It is also advised to follow social distancing. Moreover, all vendors will be fully vaccinated, with all vending staff obligated to take a bi-weekly antigen test, and masks must be worn by staff and patrons.


Frequent sanitization will be implemented for booths and all areas frequently visited. Notably, a mobile Covid-19 vaccination team will be on-site for anyone who wants to get vaccinated.