Melbourne to end 9 months most prolonged COVID-19 lockdown in world

Melbourne to end 9 months most prolonged COVID-19 lockdown in world
Melbourne to end 9 months most prolonged COVID-19 lockdown in world

Australian city Melbourne is ready to experience some ease in the long going COVID-19 lockdown. This city has remained under the most prolonged lockdown in the world. On Sunday, an official stated that the administration would be lifting their stay home orders during this week.

Melbourne, Australian city with a population of 5 million people that have remained under the six lockdowns those are equivalent to 9 months since March 2020 when the covid-19 pandemic hit the city. The people of this city are expected to experience some ease in the covid-19 protocols.

The International media, including the Australian media, has been pointing out that this is the longest lockdown in the world since the covid-19 pandemic affected the global communities. The media highlighted that this was the lockdown that was exceeding 234 days of lockdown, which was noticed in Buenos Aires.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, while announcing the ease in lockdown, said, “Today is a great day. Today is a day when Victorians can be proud of what they have achieved.”

As the coronavirus cases continuously rising globally, Melbourne started the double vaccination, which is near to reach 70% of the population those are fully vaccinated this week. This impressive rate of vaccination helps them to ease the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic in their city.

The administration hinted that the hospitality destinations and some of the businesses would reopen, their capacity would be e strictly restricted to a particular number of people. In the coming days, the city will also be experience the reopening of various retailers once the city achieves the 80% of the eligible fully vaccinated individuals.

On Sunday, Victoria recorded 1,838 new coronavirus cases and seven deaths. Neighboring New South Wales, which emerged last week from a 100-day lockdown, reported 301 cases and 10 deaths. Eighty per cent of the state’s people have been fully vaccinated.

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