Mehul Choksi: Missing Indian fugitive from Antigua captured by Dominica police from Roseau

Mehul Choksi
Mehul Choksi

Roseau: The Dominica police arrested Mehul Choksi- an Indian fugitive and fraudster missing from Antigua and Barbuda on Tuesday morning. He was captured from the capital city of Roseau.

Authorities stated that he was suspiciously seen at the shores of the Caribbean sea where the police asked him to show his documents and purpose to visit the country; however, Choksi was unable to answer the questions and was immediately taken into custody.

After taking Mehul Choksi into custody, the Dominican police officials came to know about him being a wanted fugitive in India in a $2B bank fraud case.A

According to sources, it was revealed that Mehul Choksi had entered Dominica through a boat and planned to go to Cuba on a similar route. The country is being used as an illegal route to visit the neighbouring islands in order to reach the United States through the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Earlier in April, more than 19 Indian were captured by the Dominican police for overstaying and attempting to illegally depart the country, reported local media.

Indian authorities have been seeking Choksi’s extradition from Antigua and Barbuda for almost three years now; however, the matter is still in court.

Sources revealed that Choksi could be sent back to India, where he is wanted in a billion-dollar fraud; nevertheless, the authorities have not come clean yet.

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne stated that Mehul Choksi is a liability to the country and wishes to extradite India.

Browne stated that the government is in constant talks with the Indian High Commission in Guyana to discuss the process. Choksi’s close aide Govin had stated that he was planning to get to his safehouse in Cuba as he feared his extradition to India where he is wanted in a fraud.

Choksi is accused by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of a multi-million scam on Punjab National Bank.