Mehul Choksi entangles innocents in abduction narrative, waste taxpayers resources

Mehul Choksi entangles innocents in abduction narrative, waste taxpayers resources
Mehul Choksi entangles innocents in abduction narrative, waste taxpayers resources

Mehul Choksi, the Indian businessman who made headlines for trying to befool the biggest democracy in the world, has renewed his efforts to escape extradition from Antigua and Barbuda by the Indian Authorities.

The Indian businessman and fugitive of the country’s judiciary are using taxpayers’ money to dube the authorities into his self-framed narrative of abduction. He has been using his resources to entangle the authorities of the country and thousands of people into his lies and misleading them for his selfish motives.

The Indian businessman and diamond merchant has been using his connections to force the government to investigate the alleged abduction. The reports, however suggest that he is doing this only to delay his extradition to India.

The Indian businessman is wanted by the Indian judiciary on the counts of a banking fraud amounting to USD 2 Billion. The owner of the Geetanjali Group in India, has been accused of being involved in fraud and money laundering. After the accusations came to light, Choksi escaped the country in 2018. He fled to Antigua and Barbuda and applied for their citizenship.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda granted the Citizenship in November 2018. Notably, the resources that Choksi provided to the authorities of Antigua and Barbuda were fake. He also lied on his Citizenship application.

He has been using tactics to present himself as a victim of constitutional and human rights violations, which he believed would help him in escaping extradition to India.  Meanwhile, right before the verdict on his case for extradition, Mehul Choksi put an elaborate plan in place, under which he plotted a fake kidnapping.

However, the authorities have made it apparent that this is an attempt to escape his extradition. He claimed that he recieved inhuman torture and his human rights were violated.

The people of Antigua and Barbuda regard his claims false. This is made apparent by the His allegations have caused a lot of backlash to the tourism industry of the nation. The fact that he lied on his Citizenship application has also led to the image of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of the country being tarnished.

The hard earned money of the taxpayers is being utilized to pay off the legal fees of Mehul Choksi’s expensive lawyers and bribing the government officials of Antigua and Barbuda. The fake kidnapping and allegations of human rights violations have led to a bad reputation for the government and the people of the country.

The people of the country are blaming the Indian businessman for the backlash that the Citizenship by Investment Programme and the tourism industry of the country. After his allegations, the travelers have come to regard the country as one that provides safe haven to criminals like choksi.

His actions with the government officials of Antigua and Barbuda are also being regarded as a prime source for the promotion of Bribery. He used a large sum of financial resources to bribe the government officials to manipulate evidence against him to strengthen his case.

All the evidence suggest that he has been damaging the reputation of the country and since his arrival in Antigua and Barbuda in 2018, has not benefitted the country in any manner. The citizens of the country have claimed that if he is innocent as he claims, he should return to his country, India and provide the authorities with proof and clarifications for his innocence in all the charges that the government has placed against him.

READ HERE: Full report of Kenneth Rijock


 This research report will attempt to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Indian businessman Mehul Choksi from the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda in May 2021. The report will explore the circumstances leading to his departure from the island, the potential routes taken, and the potential motives for his disappearance. 

 The events leading to Choksi’s disappearance began in 2018 when he was accused of fraud and money laundering in India and subsequently fled the country. He fled to Antigua and Barbuda and applied for citizenship, which he was granted in November 2018. In May 2021, it was reported that Choksi had gone missing from Antigua. According to the island’s media reports, Choksi had left the island by boat on May 23. There were no details regarding who he was with, the destination of the boat or even if he was actually on board. 

 Theories have been proposed as to why Choksi may have fled Antigua. Some speculate that he was planning to flee to another Caribbean Island to avoid extradition to India, while others believe he was trying to evade arrest by the Antiguan authorities. It is also possible that Choksi was abducted, or was attempting to evade the negative media attention he had been receiving regarding his fraud charges in India. 

 It has been speculated that he may have planned to travel to Cuba. However, none of these theories have been confirmed as he was arrested in Dominica few days after his disappearance from Antigua and Barbuda. The circumstances surrounding Choksi’s departure from Antigua are still shrouded in mystery, and it is unclear what his motives may have been or if he was actually kidnapped. However, it is clear that he has been able to evade arrest and extradition for many years. 

 Kenneth Rijock

The report will investigate and analyze available information to determine what happened to Choksi and provide an accurate account of the events surrounding his disappearance. The comprehensive report is compiled by the financial crime consultant, Kenneth Rijock. He has more than 30 years experience in the field of money laundering, as a practicing laundryman, financial compliance consultant, and trainer/lecturer to law and intelligence agencies including the RCMP. He has testified three times before US Congress committees.

 The research report is a thorough analysis that compares six crucial chapters in order to reach a conclusion about Mehul Choksi’s disappearance. These chapters include the statement made by Choksi himself, the statements of the accused Barbara Jarabik, Gurmit Singh, and Gurjit Bhandal, the leaked information from police department of Jamaicans who transported Choksi, and the police report on the official investigation.

By carefully comparing and evaluating these six chapters, the research report provides a comprehensive understanding of the events surrounding Choksi’s disappearance and incorporates any new twists or developments that may have arisen. The report strives to present an accurate and impartial account of the events, including the testimonies and statements of all parties involved.

 CHAPTER 1: Mehul Choksi

“I never left Antigua and Barbuda; I was kidnapped around 5:15 pm to 5:30 pm on 23 May 2021. I went for a walk, I was going towards the North Beach and I always look for a walking partner.”

 “I was in my Silver Toyota car and drove to the North Finger to pick up my friend Babara Jarabica. I rang the bell, and she said she was not ready, and asked me to come inside. As I sat Barbara was having a glass of wine, after two minutes, about 8 to 10 people who looked like Antiguan police officers entered the house by breaking both doors, front and the back.”

“Without saying anything, they started beating me, and said I will be interviewed by a senior politician at the police station. I said I need my lawyer, but they said it was not required. They covered my face, and put a gag in my mouth I was breathless, they covered my eyes with black sunglasses that were opaque, and made me sit in a wheelchair”. 

Figure 2: Copies of Mehul Choksi’s statement to Dominica police. Left is the statement which was initially released in media while Mehul Choksi was in Dominica. Right is the statement which has been attached to legal document produced by lawyers.

“They took me on a small boat, I could not see further but heard the water waves. I was later transported on a bigger boat, where there were 5 people. There were 3 Saint Lucians including the boat captain, crew and two Indians named Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh. I was then taken to Dominica. Later they handed over to me a phone, and the guy said I am Narendra Singh. He was very official-like from India, who could be rough and polite. He said he is going to handle my case and send me back to India. Later from the boat, I was handed over to the police boat. They took me to the Roseau police station on the night of 24th May, 2021”. 

 Police and Media Statements: According to Choksi’s statement to the police, everything happened at about 5 pm on 23rd May 2021, when he was going to North Finger, Jolly Harbour Antigua to pick up his walking partner Jarabica Babara. He said he enjoys walking and always look for a walking partner. But while giving a statement to the Week newspaper, Mehul Choksi said, “Basically, I was to meet Barbara and we were to go for dinner.”

 In the police statement, while answering the question “Why do you think someone would kidnap you”, Mehul Choksi gave an unclear answer and said, “They took my wallet, my phone, my purse, gave back my purse and took it again back on the yacht.”

Further, in his statement said he thinks Jarabica Babara was part of the whole set. Mehul Choksi added that he had known Barbara since last August. 

 CHAPTER 2: The Two British Indians in Question

Mehul Choksi accused two British Indians, named Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh of allegedly kidnapping and transporting him to Dominica. 

 Bhandal is in the property business in the West Midlands, while Singh is retired. They both are from the United Kingdom but share Indian roots. However, the duo refused the allegations and said they were only in the region to sail in the Caribbean waters. 


According to Times Now’s special interview by Jonathan Gilbert, both accepted being in the Caribbean during that period of time but refused any involvement in the case. They even told the media, that they had no idea about who Mehul Choksi was until their friends sent them media reports that slashed their names. 

Gurjit Bhandal told Gilbert that he is of Indian origin and resides in Midlands, United Kingdom, he doesn’t even remember when he last visited India while referring to his association with India or any Indian authority.

 In an interview, Gurjit Bhandal talked about their time in the Caribbean, he said they were at the English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda on the morning of 23 May 2021, and cleared their immigration later morning around 10 am and then left for Dominica. After covering about 12 hours voyage, they reached Dominica around 12 midnight. 

 “I think we were at English Harbour in the morning of May 23rd and cleared our immigration late morning then left for Dominica,” said Bhandal while answering questions of Gilbert. 

He explicitly mentioned that their purpose to visit the Caribbean was only to sail in the Caribbean Sea, “It is not strange for foreigners to sail around different Caribbean Islands, thousands of people do it. Some organizations also conduct special sailing races in the region with people coming from around the world to participate.” 

Bhandal said that they both travel a lot, and in May 2021, it was their second trip to the Caribbean. He said that even in April 2021, they had a similar voyage in the region.

“During April sailing, we stayed in Antigua for 4 to 5 days, 1 day in Dominica and around 4 days in St Lucia. From St Lucia, we hired a charter plane to travel back to Antigua. Usually, people pool charter in the Caribbean to travel through islands. We had a really good time and decided to go again to the Caribbean.”

Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh stated they often go to the Mediterranean Sea for sailing but decided to do it in the Caribbean this time.

“We hired the boat online, and never met the yacht captain before. We booed the Calliope of Arne Yacht on 19 May 2021, but boarded on the morning of 20 May 2021.” 

In an interview, they also answered question if they were denied entry in April 2021, to which they referred to as misconceptions. Gurjit Bhandal said they were never denied to enter Dominica in April 2021, but it was all due to the COVID-19-related restrictions (according to protocols there was 5 days quarantine).

“We were never denied entry, there were reports that we were not allowed to enter but it is incorrect. What happened was that in April 2021, the Dominica authorities asked us to serve a mandatory quarantine, and we didn’t wanted to do it and left voluntarily. But, in May the rules were entirely different you could enter the borders with PCR tests,” said both. 

Notably, they both also claim of reaching Dominica on the same day they left Antigua. Calliope of Arne reached Dominica on the same day (23 May 2021) at around 12 o’clock midnight and cleared customs and immigration in the morning around 10 AM 24th May 2021. They added that during customs and immigration clearance, their vessel was thoroughly inspected by officials. Inspection officers also clicked images of Bhandal and Singh standing on the vessel.

Figure 4: Image of Calliope of Arne at Dominica Customs and Immigration image taken by port official. Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh along with 3 crew members can be spotted on the boat.

Bhandal and Singh also refused of knowing any other individuals accused of the abduction. They give justification for sharing the same flights with another person in question, adding that “there are normally three flights daily from UK to Antigua and Barbuda but due to COVID-19 airlines reduced it to only 1 flight in a week, which makes it common that a person can come across similar people during travelling.”

It is important to mention here that Bhandal and Singh cleared customs and immigration early morning of 24th May 2021 in Dominica. According to customs records and statements there were 5 persons on board, 3 crew members and 2 guests. Notably, Choksi was arrested in the night around 11 PM of 24th May 2021. If they both kidnapped Choksi, where was he while Bhandal and Singh were going through customs?

 Barbara Jarabik – The Hungarian Tourist Friend

Barbara Jarabik – A Hungarian national, and another accused in the alleged abduction also spoke to the media. In her statements, she told that she is an investment consultant by profession and had known Mehul Choksi as a friend. She even revealed that “Mehul Choksi” allegedly told his name as “Raj”.

 “I had no idea his name was Mehul Choksi, I knew him as Raj. Even the people on the island, in restaurants, his staff everyone calls him Raj, nobody actually knew his real name,” said Barbara Jarabik in a telephonic interview with India Today. 

 As per Barbara Jarabik’s statements, it was Mehul Choksi who approached her, and showed interest in coming closer, “In his office, he tried to kiss me, I rejected him.”

 “In April, he gave me a diamond bracelet, then more and more it started becoming daily messages, then he told me he likes me a lot. We had coffee meetings, we had evening walks, and we had dinners. He bit started to like me more and more so actually when we met in his office he gave me a ring, he said it was a diamond ring but both turned out to be great replicas but not diamonds,”. 

 She refused any claims of abduction or involvement with any agencies, “If I would be an agent or kidnapper, It doesn’t make any sense why would I do it under my own name, in my own apartment in the busiest time of the day,” said Jarabik while answering the questions of the reporter.

Barbara Jarabik said her name was dragged into the fiasco by Choksi’s lawyers and family members. “I have nothing to do with his kidnapping. My name is being dragged by Mehul Choksi’s lawyers and family members. I and my family are under stress,” she said in one of her interviews.

According to Barbara, she entered into an agreement with Mehul Choksi to do business together in May 2021. He even asked her to settle on the Caribbean island. 

Mehul Choksi later became “obsessive”, said Jarabik, adding, “We had a bit of an argument when he tried to kiss me at his office.”

According to the reports, in WhatsApp chats between Barbara Jarabik and Mehul Choksi, he [as Raj] can be seen asking her to return to Antigua. The WhatsApp chats shared by Barbara Jarabik in media showed that in April 2021, Mehul Choksi pleaded her to come back to Antigua and Barbuda. He also asked her to rent a property on Jolly Harbour with jetty, so he can visit her place in his small boat. 

“Choksi picked me up around 9 am and we both reached Carlisle Bay at around 9:30 am and stayed there till 12 noon. First we were at the breakfast area and later we sat near the pool. Originally, I was planning to leave Antigua on the evening of 24thMay 2021, but my plans changed and I decided to travel on the evening of 23rdMay 2021. I also told Choksi about change in travel plan while we were having breakfast at Carlisle Bay Hotel in the morning of 23rd May. Suspiciously, he started asking weird questions to me that with whom I am travelling and what would be my travel destination. On that day, we met for over 2 hours and he expressed surprise that why I am leaving 1 day early. During that period of time, I was clueless why he was asking such questions,” said Barbara Jarabik. 

A photo of Farrow-Guy was also procured during investigations who allegedly travelled with Barbara Jarabik during her journey to Dominica in May 2021. 

 Calliope Yacht Captain Speaks

 Fernandes Fertinant – The Captain of Calliope of Arne yacht during an interview to Associates Times said that he had been providing charter services for more than 20 years, and anyone can hire their boat for sailing. Similarly, referring to his clients Fertinant said they hired the boat to travel from Antigua to Dominica, and then St Lucia. 

“It is my bread and butter, I have been in the charter boat business for over 20 years, and anyone can book us. Just like usual my boat was hired (by Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Bhandal), they had plans to travel from Antigua to Dominica, and then Saint Lucia,” Fertinant said in his media interview.


As per Fertinant’s statements, there were five people on board, including him, his two crew members and two guests. He had refused to give any names of his clients in the media during his interview but continued to refer to them as “guests”. In one of his interviews, Fertinant had said there were no female or unauthorised individuals on board the yacht, and two guests were male aged 50 and one over 63 with some leg problems.

Fertinant stated that his yacht left Antigua on the morning (around 10 am) of May 23, 2021.

“We reached English Harbour, Antigua on the 22nd for immigration and customs clearance. On May 23 morning around 10 am after clearing customs, we left for Dominica at around 11 am as by regulation, you need to leave the country after clearing the immigration and customs. And after covering 11 hours journey, we were able to reach Dominica late evening on May 23 at Portsmouth (Dominica).”

 “Since they came on my boat, we kept sailing initially in Antigua and later to Dominica. They slept on the boat,” said Fertinant. 


Captain added that it was late night when they reached Dominica around 12 midnight and cleared immigration and customs in Dominica around 10 am of 24th May 2021. 


Sharing some details in his interviews, he told the media that the yacht was hired on 19 May 2021.


“They hired it on May 19 for one week. And we did sailing in Antigua for about 4 days, and then on May 23, we sailed to Dominica. The second guest got sick of ocean waves while reaching Dominica, so we cancelled the plan to go to St Lucia and they both stayed in Dominica. From there, my crew and I sailed to St Lucia.” 

When the reporters asked if his guests abducted Mehul Choksi,” I think it is not possible for them to abduct someone, one was aged over 50, and another one was over 63 and was having some issues with his leg as he could not walk properly. Both of them were not fit, and I do not believe that they could have kidnapped anyone forcibly.”

  CHAPTER 3: The Jamaican Transporters

 (Leaked information from police department)

During the first week of April, 2021, PAUL STEPHEN EMANUEL and LEONARD ANTHONY COLE, two Jamaican nationals, flew to ANTIGUA from Jamaica to meet MEHUL CHOKSI in JOLLY HARBOUR. The next day, Emanuel and Choksi held a meeting at the Jolly Harbour Golf Course, which according to the estimate of the reporting officer lasted approximately one hour.

In that meeting, Choksi asked Emanuel if he could transport Choksi to CUBA in May. Emanuel responded that he would advise Choksi the following day if he could be of assistance. The following day, they had a second meeting in Jolly Harbour, atop the restaurant. In the meeting, Emanuel advised that he could perform the service, but the fee would be US $200,000, with a $50,000 deposit up front, and the rest payable on the day of transport.

Choksi agreed, on the condition that the vessel was in seaworthy condition, and that he could be transported the third week in May. Choksi paid Emanuel the 50k and told him he would give him one week’s prior notice for the date of escape.

On May 18, Choksi called Emanuel and advised him to pick him up from Antigua on the evening of May 24. Emanuel agreed and made plans for that date, but on Sunday, May 23, Choksi called him in the afternoon and ordered him to plan to arrive immediately that evening (May 23). Emanuel indicated that such a journey was impossible to make if he was to arrive that evening.

Emanuel advised that he could, however, arrive by Monday morning (May 24). Choksi agreed. Emanuel and his crew apparently were already en-route at that time. 

Choksi stated that he left his residence in Antigua at 5:00 PM, and drove his vehicle to NORTH FINGER in Jolly Harbour because he was going to meet a friend, who was to bring him his satellite phone, cash and some other items in a bag. Choksi said he turned off his phone at that time and switched on the satellite phone to contact Emanuel. Choksi remained in the area, seated with his friend, due to the fact that he was waiting for his “European Tourist friend” to leave her house.

After the female referred to above left her house, around 6:00 PM, Choksi asked another friend to drop him off at her villa. He entered the villa at North Finger after she had left. He turned off all the lights in the villa so that his presence there would not be apparent. He then slept through the night there, falling down the steps at one time, resulting in minor injuries.

Emanuel arrived in the North Finger area, in a dinghy, May 24 around 6:00 AM, to pick up Choksi, and ferry him to the vessel. At the same time, Choksi’s family picked up his personal automobile and parked it on North Finger. It had been hidden the night before. They only informed the police in the morning to say they had found his car.

When Choksi boarded the vessel, his left eye was red, he had bruises on his left arm, and a small cut on his hand. When Emanuel inquired about the circumstances, Choksi said that he had fallen hard on the staircase when going to bed, because all the lights had been turned off.

Three hours into the journey to Cuba, Choksi received a call on his satellite telephone, and as the result he became worried. He advised Emanuel that he no longer wanted to travel to Cuba anymore. It seems that he had a problem with someone there. He asked Emanuel to drop him off in DOMINICA. He told Emanuel that he could not return to Antigua because his family had already reported him missing, and the police would be searching for him.

Emanuel agree to turn the boat around, in the direction of Dominica, and it arrived around 10:00 PM on Monday night 24th May 2021, Emanuel dropped Choksi off on a beach, and Choksi told him to use Choksi’s satellite telephone to contact the local police there and tell them that there was a suspicious person on the beach. Choksi left his phone and some money with Emanuel. (apparently, the police have Choksi’s satellite phone and some photographs of him on the boat.)

CHAPTER 4: Police Investigation Report 

The police report details the investigation carried out by the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda in relation to the missing, Mehul Choksi, who was reported missing by Al Hassari Mohamad and Priti Kothari (wife of Mehul Choksi) on Sunday, 23rd May 2021 at about 11:55 PM. The investigation was led by Inspector Adonis Henry and a team of four officers including Cpl Williams, Sgt Cuffy, Cpl Grigg and Insp. Henry himself.

Cpl Williams reported that Priti Kothari, the wife of a missing man, reported her husband’s disappearance at 5:11 PM. He had gone to watch the sunset at Sheer Rocks Restaurant and did not return after 7 PM. She tried contacting him but the calls went to voicemail. She could not recall what he was wearing.

According to police investigation report, “Cpl Williams reported that Priti Kothari, wife of the missing man, reported at about 5:11 PM that day she was at her home in Joly Harbour Villa 6B packing to travel to New York the following day, when Choksi told her he was going to Sheer Rocks Restaurant to watch the Sunset, and left driving his silver Toyota Mark-X A 54890. She further reported that after not seeing him return home after 7 PM she became concerned and tried contacting him via his cell phone, but the calls kept going directly to voice mail. She was unable to recall exactly how he was dressed at that Point.”

 Cpl Williams conducted a police investigation and searched for Mr. Choksi and his car in several locations, including Coco Bay, Sheer Rocks, Darkwood, Ffryes Beach, Bolans, Jennings, and Jolly Harbour. Despite an extensive search, the vehicle was not found, and the security booth at North-Finger did not show any record of Choksi’s car leaving or entering the compound that evening. The only other exit/entry point is prohibited for residents to use.

 “Cpl Williams commenced the investigation and carried out an extensive mobile search spanning Coco Bay and Sheer Rocks without any sight of Mr. Choksi nor his vehicle. The search was then extended to include Darkwood, Ffryes Beach, Bolans and Jennings. Cpl Williams then concentrated the search in Jolly Harbour. A thorough search lasting close to two hours was done and the vehicle was not seen. A check at the North-Finger security booth where all vehicles entering and exiting the compound are logged didn’t show any indication of Choksi’s car leaving or coming via that portal that evening. The only other exit/entry point to that area of the compound is the back entrance which residents are prohibited to use,” says report.

 The report further states that the following morning of 24 May 2021 at 7:15 AM Cpl Williams called Muhamad to follow-up on his report and Muhamad reported that he had just located Choksi’s car in the North Finger area of Jolly Harbour. It was located in an area previously checked by Cpl Williams a few hours earlier. The car was unlocked with no damage however the keys were missing. The Vehicle was then processed by F.I.U and an unknown print was found. At about 08:00 AM Priti Kothari was invited back to Johnsons Point Police Station where a detailed statement was recorded by Cpl Williams.


On Wednesday 25 May 2021. Insp Henry and Cpl Williams attended a case conference at Police headquarters, chaired by Supt. Joseph. Following which a four-man investigative team was assembled led by Insp. Henry, and also included Sgt Cuffy Cpl Williams and Cpl Grigg.

Immediately after the team went on duty to Jolly Harbour and numerous persons were interviewed including Gouvin Mukerjee, Choksi’s cook; David Giroux a yacht owner who observed the suspicious yacht with mean looking characters onboard; Colin Thomas a yacht owner who had seen the suspicious yacht before in St Lucia and was able to supply the name of the vessel; Joanna Lucas, the manager of the Jolly Harbour Marina, was able to furnish records of boat traffic in and out of Jolly Harbour Marina. 

Stephen Gomes the owner of villa 407 E&F where the alleged Kidnapping took place, was occupied by Barbara Jarabik on the day of the Kidnapping. Also provided were communiqué between Barbara and the home owners requesting permission to berth a small boat at the adjoining dock:


A visit was made by Insp Adonis Henry to villa 407F which was still unoccupied and unclean and a forensic search uncovered small amounts blood spatter and smudges on the living room floor and dining table along with a broken ceramic ornament on the floor indicating a possible struggle. Also found was Jarabik’s travel itinerary.

Fitzmaurice Christian owner of several villas in Jolly Harbour to include villa 3C that were occupied by Barbara Jarabik and Farrow-guy at one point; there were allegations on one more person who is currently a diplomat of a country – hereby we withhold the personal information. 

Footage of a person entering a White rental at the Epicurean in Jolly Harbour driven by persons dressed on Indian garb, then proceeding towards the location of the Kidnapping on the day in question; Flight records showing a person, Barbara and Farrow-Guy traveling to Dominica a few hours after the kidnapping on a private charter; And a host of other evidentiary material and several other statement were recorded from important witnesses.

On Wednesday 26th May 2021 official communiqué from Dominica revealed that Choksi was found on the island having entered illegally and was in police custody.

Upon hearing the allegations made by Choksi while in Dominica through his wife Priti Kothari, where he alleged that some of his captors identified himself as Antigua Police who were going to take him to St Johns for questioning. The investigators explored the possibility of the Involvement of any member of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

In so doing the security logs were carefully scrutinize to identify any police vehicle marked or unmarked that visited the proximity on the day of the incident. One entry showed that Motor Pickup ABP 118, which is assigned to Johnsons Point Police station, the station which Jurisdiction that Jolly Harbour falls under, entered the North Finger security post on 16:23 hrs and exited the compound at the north Finger exit gate at 16:23. The said vehicle then re-entered the Back gate at 17:14 hrs and exited the North finger Security post at 17:16. SPO onboard was subsequently interviewed and he stated that he along two other officers were out and beach patrols and used that route to access the Hermitage beach and Pearns Point areas as customary. 


Although the timing of the re-entry of the police patrol coincide with the approximate timing of the Kidnapping. The timing of the entries in the logs suggests that the police vehicle drove directly from the back gate southwards to the other security gate, instead of going northwards towards the vicinity of Vila 407F where the kidnapping occurred. From investigations this appear to be the only police vehicle in the environ at or around the time of incident. And we have not been able to uncover any other evidence relating to the presence or involvement of any serving Police officer (s). The Commissioner of Police has also stated that none of his officers were given any orders to apprehend or assist anyone in the apprehension of Mehul Choksi.

On arrival the villa was unoccupied and a forensic search uncovered small amounts blood spatter and smudges on the living room floor and dining table along with a broken ceramic ornament on the floor indicating a possible struggle. Also found was Jarabik’s travel itinerary.

 Upon the return of Mehul Choski to the State of Antigua and Barbuda he was interviewed and one detailed Police Statement was recorded.


“It is the view of the investigative team that the facts are aligning with Mr. Choksi’s official version of the events that led to his appearance in the state of Dominica. The plethora of real and circumstantial evidence makes it clear that a case of kidnapping with broad collusion among multiple conspirators exists. Ms. Barbara Jarabik ranks at the top of the list of persons of interests.” 

The investigative team made recommendations that was to allow investigators to travel to Dominica to interview border agents, local investigators, and gather other relevant documentation. The second recommendation was to allow investigators to travel to St. Lucia to interview tour operators and the crew of vessels related to the case. The team was also requested permission to secure a warrant for Barbara Jarabik for the charge of conspiracy to kidnap. Lastly, the team asked Interpol for assistance in finding and possibly returning of Barbara Jarabik, Gurmit Singh, and Gurjit Bhandal for an interview.

 CHAPTER 5: Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Take

 Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne was questioned in the parliament during June 2021 by the opposition regarding the alleged abduction of Mehul Choksi. 

In his response to the questions, Browne said that, “I am not aware of any evidence regarding the abduction but there is information in the public domain that Mehul Choksi was abducted.”

Figure 9: Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne during his speech regarding Mehul Choksi in the national Parliament.

 Browne was also interviewed by many media channels. In an interview with WION channel, Prime Minister had said that after the missing report was filed, the Antiguan authorities informed the INTERPOL, and issued a Yellow Notice.

 “We had a report from Mr Choksi’s house that he went missing, law enforcement got involved, they eventually located his vehicle but were yet to locate Mr Choksi who had two ongoing cases in Antigua and Barbuda one related to his citizenship and second related to his extradition back to India,” said Prime Minister Browne in an interview with WION.

 “No evidence to support allegations” – Antigua Police Commissioner

 Following the widespread reports about the Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi having gone missing in the island of Antigua and Barbuda, Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney gave a statement around 29th May, 2021

 Atlee Rodney in his video message stated they had received a report of a missing person and a search was initiated. 

 “We had a report of a missing person, and we started our search for that. Subsequently, we received information from Dominica that somebody was fitting in the description. We had conversations with our counterparts in Dominica and provided them with some information related to his identity and later it was confirmed he was actually in Dominica.”

Figure 10: Antigua and Barbuda Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney during his statement regarding disappearance of Mehul Choksi. Police Commissioner stated that there had been no information or indication from Antigua that he was forcefully removed. 

“The only assertation that we are hearing is from the attorney, and the Dominican police officials are not confirming the information given by the attorney. So, we have no information or no evidence that he was forcefully removed from Antigua. Even in the assertations made by the attorney, there is no such proof that shows that the police force in Antigua was involved in his movement from Antigua or to Dominica,” said Atlee Rodney – Commissioner of Police Antigua and Barbuda. 

 He further told in his media statements that the Dominican authorities told that Mehul Choksi entered the Northern side of the island (Dominica) by boat. 


  1. According to Mehul Choksi 8 to 10 men barged inside the house by breaking front and back door, but following the on ground review of the villa 407 E&F, the door was intact and there were no signs of breakage.
  1. The dramatic change of statement was also concluded:
    1. During his initial statement to the police, Mehul Choksi said that he reached Barbara Jarabik’s house to pick her up and go for a walk.
    2. While giving a statement to the Week newspaper Mehul Choksi said that he was to meet Barbara and planned to go for dinner.
    3. Mehul Choksi told his wife that he had gone to watch the sunset at Sheer Rocks restaurant.
    4. Mehul Choksi in his statement earlier had said that there were about 8 to 10 people who looked like Antiguan police officers who entered the house by breaking both doors, one in the front and the second one in the back. During the on-ground surveys of the villa 407 E&F, it was found that the doors were intact, and there was no sign of breakage. Subsequently, in his media statement to the Week, Mehul Choksi did not mention the Antiguan police officials but indicated that people who barged in were outsourced agents of Indian agencies.
    5. Mehul Choksi says he was forcibly taken to Dominica by Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Bhandal. But there is a big error in both scenarios as the vessel Calliope of Arne had cleared customs and immigration in Antigua early morning around 10 AM of May 23, 2021 and they had reached Dominica on the same day 23 May 2021 around 12 midnight (Sunday). Notwithstanding, Choksi was arrested from a beach in Dominica around 11 PM on May 24, 2021 (Monday) with 14 hours time difference.
    6. If Singh and Bhandal abducted Choksi, where he was when immigration and customs were cleared? A picture of both travellers was clicked during the inspection. (It is general practice that every section of the vessel would be inspected before giving the clearance).
    7. Choksi appeared on the beach 14 hours after Singh and Bhandal had cleared the immigration and customs in Dominica. Choksi did not mention his whereabouts during 14 hours period.

(This was neither inspected by the investigation officer nor he mentioned any details in his report)

 Statements of Singh and Bhandal also clear the air on the suspicious allegations. Both travellers left Antigua ports early morning at around 10 am on May 23, 2021. (As per the captain’s statement, any vessel which had cleared customs and immigration is required to leave the country within 1 hour of the period.)They left for Dominica after clearing immigration and customs and reached there at around 12 midnight. Notably, while Singh and Bhandal were in the clearing process Choksi was well enjoying his breakfast with Barbara at Carlisle Bay restaurant. Mehul Choksi was well in connection with everyone until 5 PM, but by that time Singh and Bhandal would have reached halfway to their destination (Dominica). (The investigating officer did not conduct a search of immigration and customs records nor report mentions about it in any manner in Antigua.) 

  1. Fernandes Fertinant (Captain of Calliope of Arne) also added that no female or unauthorized person was on board. He stated that, apart from 3 crew members including him, there were two passengers (Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Bhandal). Captain’s statement also matches Gurmit Singh and Bhandal’s testimonial that they cleared immigration and customs at 10 AM on 23 May 2021 from Antigua and Barbuda. Following the hours-long journey all 5 of them reached Dominica at around 12 midnight of 23 May 2021. Subsequently, cleared immigration and customs at 10 AM on 24 May 2021 at Portsmouth, Dominica.
  2. The apartment was rented under the name of Barbara Jarabik and 5 PM is the busiest time of the day, it is quite straightforward that if Choksi went missing, she would be the prime suspect. Even a common person can understand this, why would she invite him inside her house and let any other agency persons kidnap Choksi. This theory is possible but difficult to digest.
  3. After Jamaican transporters revealed that first Choksi asked them to transport him on 24th May 2021. But later said that he would like to travel on the evening of 23 May 2021 bringing in the angle that Barbara told Choksi she is leaving Antigua one day earlier (she was scheduled to travel on 24th May but due to a change in a plan she was to travel on the evening of 23 May). According to statements of Barbara Jarabik, they (Choksi and Barbara) met in the morning of 23 May 2021 when Choksi picked her up at 9 AM and they reached Carlisle Bay around 9:30. Both stayed there till 12 noon. Between 9 AM to 12 noon upon being asked by him, Barbara told Choksi about her travel plans and might have also shared her itinerary. Choksi knew it was the best time to travel to Cuba, so he pressurized the transporter to reach 1 day early. (There is no mention of Choksi and Barbara’s meeting in the police investigation report)
  4. Cpl Williams who conducted a police investigation and searched Mehul Choksi and his vehicle (Toyota Mark-X A 54890) carried out an extensive mobile search for over 2 hours but was unable to locate Mehul Choksi or his vehicle. But, on 24 May 2021 at 7:15 AM Cpl Williams called Al Hassari Mohammad and Muhammad reported that he had just located Choksi’s car in the North Finger area of Jolly Harbour (near the villa 407 E&F). It was located in an area preciously checked by Cpl Williams a few hours earlier. It directly indicates that someone from the family or friend of Mehul Choksi parked his car near the villa 1 day after he was reported missing. Notably, the person/s who parked the car can also create a possible struggle scene at the villa 407 E&F to make it looks like a kidnap plot. It is also worth mentioning that according to leaked documents about Jamaican transporter, Choksi had fallen from stairs and sustained minor injuries.
  5. Investigating officer in a report quoted Colin Thomas a yacht owner who had seen a suspicious yacht named Joanna Lucas but did not bother to investigate it any further. Joanna Lucas is the primary suspected yacht used by Jamaicans; it is yet to be verified.
  6. The police report also layout flight records showing Barbara, Farr0w-Guy and another person travelling to Dominica a few hours after Choksi was reported missing on a private charter. It was confirmed by air traffic authorities that flight schedules were actually reduced due to COVID-19 protocols.
  7. In a big expose of Antigua and Barbuda policing, it was revealed that despite contact from Jamaicans, police ignored their narrative. Paul Stephen Emmanuel and Leonard Anthony Cole both flew to Antigua from Jamaica to meet Choksi. Their travel on the dates was confirmed by a source in immigration authorities of Antigua and Barbuda.
  8. The leaked document of Jamaicans also matched the first statement of Gouvin Mukerjee (cook of Mehul Choksi) that the original plan was to escape to Cuba but it was later improvised due to threat from satellite calls.
  9. Mehul Choksi reached near the Villa, 407 with a friend who brought him a satellite phone, cash and some other items and a bag. The same person dropped him off at the Villa rented by Barbara Jarabik. It is possible that this is the same person who planted his car after Choksi went missing.
  10. As the Jamaicans told Choksi they can only reach Antigua on the morning of 24 May 2021. Choksi spend the whole night at the villa only and turned off the lights so his presence there would not be apparent.
  11. At the same time, Choksi’s family picked up his personal automobile and parked it on North Finger. It had been hidden the night before. They only informed the police in the morning to say they had found his car.


The report findings show that Mehul Choksi had known that India will tighten restrictions on him and make him pay for the scam. Similarly, after his nephew, Nirav Modi was arrested in the United Kingdom, Mehul Choksi got nervous fearing his extradition. Following that, the findings show that to escape the Indian authorities, he decided to go to a country that had no extradition treaty with India. The plan was to abscond, without telling anyone and make it appear like a missing case. So, he honey-trapped Barbara Jarabik by gifting jewellery and other attempts to gather her complete information to put missing blame on someone, which is why his family or friend had parked his vehicle near villa 407 E&F in North Finger after 1 day of him reported missing. 

The investigation also revealed that while Mehul Choksi and his transporters were en route to Cuba, he received a satellite call informing him that Cuba is no longer a secure location and that he should reconsider his decision due to potential threats. After the change in plans, Mehul Choksi requested his carriers to relocate the boat to Dominica, believing that the entire plot of “disappearing” being modified to “kidnapping” would aid his extradition case on the grounds of human rights, so preventing his extradition to India. All the tourists involved/accused including Barbara Jarabik, Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh appears actual tourists who are victims of the MASTERPLAN of Choksi. 

Soon after returning to Antigua and Barbuda from Dominica on medical grounds, Mehul Choksi utilized his political and official connections to make the entire scenario appear as a kidnapping. Mehul Choksi asked Inspector Adonis Henry (Investigating Police Officer) to create a fabricated report which not only lacked crucial investigations but contained unverified information, so that he could portray himself as a victim and have the illegal entry case dismissed as well as get rid of the Red Corner Notice issued by INTERPOL against him.

With his powerful connections backed by substantial financial support, Mehul Choksi also managed to erase the real version of Jamaicans – who transported Choksi to Dominica. Notably, Choksi defrauded more amount than total GDP of Antigua and Barbuda. It is not difficult for Choksi to bribe not only police but also high profile politicians in Antigua. According to evidence, Antigua police is in possession of satellite phone procured from Jamaican transporters, which is not mentioned in the police investigation report, notwithstanding, the report prepared by Inspector Adonis Henry was widely used by Choksi, his lawyers to escape the law. 

There is a strong possibility that Mehul Choksi may seek to flee Antigua and Barbuda once more in order to avoid the extradition proceedings. It’s not a hard job for a person like Mehul Choksi who has over 2 billion dollars to manipulate the entire administration and police. He is attempting to bribe the officials of the government and corrupt the whole system of Antigua and Barbuda just to get the real charges dropped against himself. It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that 1 person has bribed top positions of the country to make them dance on his tune. Robert Allen Stanford, He contributed millions of dollars to politicians in Antigua and ruled the country until he his Ponzi scheme was exposed. Mehul Choksi is becoming the second Allen Stanford for Antigua and Barbuda, as he is accused of corrupting the financial system and committing fraud on a massive scale. Similar to Stanford, who was convicted of operating a massive Ponzi scheme in 2009, Choksi is alleged to have taken advantage bribes to carry out fraudulent activities and it would have a significant impact on Antigua and Barbuda’s financial stability and reputation. The country’s regulators and law enforcement agencies must take swift and decisive action against Choksi restore public confidence in the political, legal and financial system.

If Mehul Choksi was kidnapped or abducted by the Indian agencies, it is unlikely for them take him to Dominica where extradition is even more difficult. In that scenario, he would have been taken to a state/country with close diplomatic relations to India or international airport for direct transportation to India. It is noteworthy that the Indian law enforcement authorities only arrived in Dominica seven days after Mehul Choksi went missing, suggesting that if the Indian state had been involved in his disappearance, he would have been returned to India by now. This absence of any known motive for kidnapping and the lack of any intervention from the Indian state lead to the conclusion that the Indian state was not involved in Choksi’s disappearance.

What we have learnt from this tale is that, whilst getting to the truth may be initially difficult, eventually the real story, which we find damaging to Choksi, because of his efforts to manage the news to his advantage, has come to the fore. Whether justice will eventually prevail in the courts of India remains to be seen, but for now, Mehul Choksi appears to be remaining in a safe harbour, at least for him, in Antigua.