Meet 10 Caribbean women in business world

The ten empowering Caribbean American women has marked their names in the business world for 2024

Meet 10 Caribbean women in business world
Meet 10 Caribbean women in business world

Caribbean: The ten empowering Caribbean American women has marked their names in the business world for 2024. They are working in different fields and establishing their footprints in several spheres such as innovation, legal solutions and innovative urgent care.

The Caribbean women have been working across the Caribbean to enhance their leadership in the fields such as driving growth, innovation and community empowerment.

According to the reports, in the women-business world, black women entrepreneurs have emerged as the frontliners at this economic revolution. There is a strategic growth of 50 percent between the period of the 2014 and 2019 in the black women-owned business growth.

The list of the Caribbean American Women entrepreneurs highlighted:

Renee Kendall- Caribbean Legal Solutions

Born in New York, the woman is from the Caribbean heritage and opened the Caribbean Legal Solutions company. The aim of the company is to mitigate the difference between the Caribbean diaspora and legal professionals in countries including Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and more.

After her inception, Kendall have enhanced its footprints in the countries such as New York, Florida and the United Kingdom.

Rain and Sky Jarrett- Transcend Global

Two sisters have established the company, which has a master’s in leadership and tackles the issues of the chronic stress culture. They use high-energy storytelling and brain-based research to encourage the public.

Mikelah Rose- Style and Vibes

A Jamaican-American content creator has established the company, aiming to highlight the lifestyle of the Caribbean diaspora through music, fashion and culture.

Yvette Fletcher Prince- Meddix Urgent Care and Family Health Centre

A physician has started a company which provides enhanced family care and healthcare.

Kerry-Ann Reid Brown- Carry on Friends

A dynamic ambassador has the expertise to foster deep connections within the Caribbean and American Communities.

Lisa-gaye Shakespeare- Shakespeare Agency

A professional who works for the beauty, history and culture of the Caribbean community through her company.

Eldonie Mason- Princess Anyah Adventure Store

An entrepreneur and experienced person who has been working to promote diversity and inclusivity in children’s literature

Dr Shelly-Ann Gajadhar- Alphastute LLC

A prosecutor in Trinidad and Tobago runs the company, which emphasises accountability and empowering individuals.

Alexandria Miller- Strictly Facts

A historian and writer, Miller runs the company at a good pace.

Ingrid Murray- Prospect Cleaning Service Inc

Working in New York City, the lady run the company with pure dedication and hard work.