Massive: India records 412,262 COVID cases in a single day

Massive: India records 412,262 COVID cases in a single day
Massive: India records 412,262 COVID cases in a single day

Delhi, India: New coronavirus cases and deaths in India reached a record daily with 4,12,262 new infections and 3,980 deaths reported, bringing the total COVID-19 cases to 2,10,77,410 and the death toll to 2,30,168, according to the data from the country’s health ministry on Thursday.

With a steady increase, active cases increased to 35,66,398, accounting for 16.92% of total infections, while the national COVID-19 recovery rate dropped to 81.99%.

Police also arrested 46 people because they took a religious march at a town in the Gandhinagar district to eradicate the coronavirus, an official said on Thursday. This is the second incident in Gujarat in the last few days.

All COVID-19 prevention standards were allegedly violated during the latest march carried out on Wednesday in Raipur, Gandhinagar, Deputy Superintendent of Police M.K. Said Rana.

A video that went viral on social media platforms on Thursday showed about 100 men and women, many without masks, taking part in a march in the town. While women were carrying water pots on their heads, several men led the procession while beating drums.

People are widely criticising the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not lending a helping hand to the public. Prime Minister who broadly spread the slogan for “Antamnirbhar Bharat” meaning “Self depending India” is now relying on foreign countries for medical assistance, oxygen supplies, ventilators and more.

Recent reports by India media suggests that the country is not out of ventilators, however it is experiecing a lack of people who can operate the life-support machines.

People in big cities like Delhi are lying outside hospitals, waiting to get a bed with enough oxygen supply to keep them alive for few hours. Many lost their lives while waiting for a bed while thousands died of lack of oxygen supply.

It is beleieved that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared victory on COVID-19 so soon without expected a second wave.