Mas Domnik 2024 officially kickstarts in Dominica  

Under the theme of the Real Mas, the carnival is a month-long celebration of the culture and heritage and will close on February 17, 2024.

Mas Domnik 2024 officially kickstarts in Dominica  
Mas Domnik 2024 officially kickstarts in Dominica  

Roseau, Dominica: The Mas Domnik 2024 officially opened at Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Dominica, on Saturday. Under the theme of the Real Mas, the carnival is a month-long celebration of the culture and heritage and will conclude on February 17, 2024.

During the opening ceremony, the patrons gathered on the streets of Roseau and hosted the street parade with a splash of traditional and contemporary mas at 3:00 pm. After that, the parade display featuring the authentic heritage of Dominica became part of the opening of the carnival at 5:30 pm.

Band Meets Band has featured Triple Kay International, Signal Band and Unstoppable Shax for the opening of the Mas Domnik 2024 at 6:30 pm.

More than 30 groups have participated in the parade and brought the Real Mas theme to life. Besides this, eight participants of the 2024 Dominica Carnival Princess Show have been unveiled during the opening ceremony. These ladies will represent their elementary schools in speech, talent, costume and more.

During the parade, the Lapo Kabwit showcased their traditional music with special instruments. With roots in African nations, the Labp Kabwit is the band made, and its main drum is traditionally made from dried goat skin stretched over a hollowed base and secured with rope. Other instruments include the shack-shacks, cowbells, and, of course, the conch shell.”

The attendees have also experienced the ultimate carnival celebration in Dominica with Jouve, which is known as the must-attend that features the captivating rhythms of lapo kabwit and bouyon. Patrons hit the road to enjoy festivities during the opening.

The Carnival of Dominica- Mas Domnik 2024 will feature the staging of numerous events such as Carnival Gopwell, Sunrise, Grandby Village Carnival, Ole Mas Festival and Mas Camp Calypso Tent.

After the opening, Mas Domnik will feature the Sunrise, which is the ultimate way to start the carnival weekend. The legendary Bouyon boss, Asa Bantan, will perform for the signature carnival fete. Besides this, the authorities are also bringing the Vicy Bad Boy Shertz “Problem Child” James to Dominica to headline alongside Asa Bantan.

The official carnival opening ceremony also featured speakers from the Tourism Ministry Denise Charles, CEO/DOT of Discover Dominica Authority; Colin Piper, the Chief Cultural Officer; Earlston Matthew, and Charlene White-Christian.

Mas Domnik 2024

The cultural and much-awaited festival of Dominica is Mas Domnik 2024 with the true spirit of rhythm and vibrant colours. The event is promised to bring thousands of tourists to the shores of the country. Displaying the rich cultural heritage, the carnival is a unique way of celebrating the true spirit of unity and togetherness of Dominica.