Marshall Eneau gets $50,000 compensation against Arima Police

Marshall Eneau, got compensation of $50,000 on Thursday, for getting detained by police officers in Arima in 2019.

Edwards, Modeste and Joseph charged with South Oropouche robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Edwards, Modeste and Joseph charged with South Oropouche robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 57-year-old man, Marshall Eneau, got the compensation of 50 thousand dollars on Thursday, 11 January 2024, for getting detained by police officers for nine hours in Arima, a town in the eastern part of Trinidad. The case was by police officers who claimed the man was involved in prostitution and was arrested on 30 October 2019.

The man is identified with the name of Marshall Eneau, who lives in the Malabar area of Arima. Marshall Eneau raised his voice against the baseless charges against him and filed a case against the state for false imprisonment.

As per the reports, all the evidence and arguments were submitted in the court by both sides, on the base of which the verdict by the High Court Judge came in favour of Marshall Eneau.

In the verdict, it was highlighted that police officers had no reasonable argument or evidence that could lead to detaining Marshall Eneau. The judge ordered compensation of 50 thousand dollars for Eneau.

As per the court filings by Eneau mentioning the case, he dropped a person off along Blanchisseuse Road in Arima and was returning home on 30 October 2019 around 2:45 am.

On the day, suddenly two police officers approached him. Police officers stopped his car and conducted a thorough search of the vehicle. Straight after the search, officers arrested Eneau and took him under custody.

As per the statement of Marshall Eneau, he claimed that “I got diverted through a Housing Development Corporation as I had a pending application for a house and was interested in the area.”

Eneau mentioned that even after his protests against the officers and asking the reason for his arrest, nothing was answered.

Eneau was taken to the Arima Police Station, where he was kept by the officers in a holding cell and was released the next day without being charged.

People of the communities around Arima and the nation are worried after hearing about the incident with Eneau.

People are saying, “When we start feeling fine, suddenly something happens that makes us feel unsafe. What can we do now? Should we save ourselves from criminals only or also police officers now?”

People are also saying, “Not a shocking thing that there is so much crime in the nation. When our saviours will create problems for us, what else can we expect? Why don’t they just do their work and arrest criminals rather than creating issues for normal people.”

People also appreciated Marshall Eneau for this brave effort and for finally getting justice. People are also demanding authorities to take action against such police officers who create problems for normal people.