Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development

Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development
Marigot Hospital built by MMCE to become milestone in Dominica healthcare development

The Caribbean region is getting excellent infrastructure by Montreal Management Consultants Est MMCE. This organisation has been constructing world-class healthcare centres, airport and community centres and climate resilient housing on different islands of the region. 

Marigot Hospital is one of the significant projects that has been constructed by MMCE. The contract of Marigot Hospital was signed between the Government of Dominica and MMCE in late 2019.

A total area of 40,000 square feet has been given for this project by the government.

According to the plan, the hospital would have two floors with a capacity of 75 beds. The hospital would be laced with world-class facilities and a large number of essential services. It would be having modern state of the art facilities.

There would be many facilities given by the government in Marigot Hospital. These facilities include ambulance services, intensive care units, maternity care, paediatric care, laboratory and radiology services, trauma centre and emergency care units.

The Marigot Hospital project is primarily being funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme fund. Mexico government also granted a total amount of US $5 million for this project. This granted amount would be further used in fulfilling the equipment required in the hospital if needed.

The citizens living in the Marigot district would be facilitated with this infrastructure. It would become the main referring point for the patient once it starts operations. Many communities residing in Marigot would also get facilities from this hospital. The communities include like:

  1. Kalinago Territory
  2. Concord
  3. Wesley
  4. Woodford hill
  5. Calibishie
  6. Palm Tree
  7. Bense

and few areas along with Douglas Charles Airport.

Marigot Hospital Project would become a milestone in the path of development of healthcare in Dominica. This project is like a ray of hope for the citizens of Dominica. This project is one of the dreams to built healthcare centres in every city of Dominica.

According to the statement of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, all the children till the age of 18 and the senior citizens more than the age of 60 would be getting free medical facilities in these hospitals.

MMCE had come up as an organisation that is committed to its work and project assigned. Till now, many organisations came and, after taking the amount of the project, left the ongoing work in between in many Caribbean countries. The MMCE, with their projects and preparation, had set an example. MMCE would be further building 12 health centres across Dominica

Other than the Marigot Hospital project, MMCE has been performing well in other projects too that includes:

 International Airport in Dominica

Many housing projects like:

  1.   East Coast Housing Project
  2. Bellevue Chopin
  3. Georgetown Housing project
  4. Jimmie Housing Project
  5. Cotton Hill Housing Project
  6. Roseau 1 Upper River Bank Housing Project
  7.  Grand Bay Housing Project
  • Community Centres in Dominica – Alexis E. Williams Multipurpose Center 

The other would be named – Trafalgar Multipurpose Center.