Man becomes victim of Belmont shooting in moving car

Man became victim of shooting on Sunday around 1:02 am at the Erthig and Archer Streets of Belmont area in Port of Spain.

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Trinidad and Tobago: A man became the victim of the shooting on Sunday, 14 January, around 1:02 am at the Erthig and Archer Streets of Belmont area in Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. The video of the incident also went viral on social media platforms, containing few visuals of the act. The identity of the victim is not confirmed yet.

As per the reports, the victim was in a blue Toyota Corolla car on which the shooting attack happened by unknown assailants in Belmont. It is said that the incident took place around 1:02 am.

It is assumed that the shooting incident took place between Erthig and Archer Streets in Belmont, after which the victim lost control of the car and himself. The vehicle went out of control and crashed into the wall.

The car was covered with multiple bullet holes. The bullet holes and marks were found on the different parts of the car, like on the driver’s side, passenger window and front windscreen.

On inspection, only the victim was found in the car, whose details are shared as a medium-built man of African descent with a low haircut and dark complexion. The victim was wearing 3/4 khaki pants with a blue jersey at the time of the shooting in Belmont.

The information like the name and place where the victim belongs or what he does is still not out in the public.

The incident was immediately reported to the police department in response to which officers from the local police department took charge and went to the place.

The police officers went to the shooting site in Belmont and confirmed the report by taking control of the area to start with early investigation. The Port of Spain task force also went to the scene to conduct investigations.

On the shooting site, police officers found the body of the victim strapped into the driver’s seat, bleeding from the gunshot wounds on the upper body and head.

The victim was immediately transferred to the Port of Spain General Hospital under medical observation for medical treatment.

The victim was straight after admitted to the ICU after observing the serious condition. The medical staff is putting all efforts into saving the lives of the victim, but there is no further update on the current condition.

The people of the communities of Belmont and Port of Spain are worried after hearing about the shooting incident. People are raising questions about the measures taken by the police department for the safety and security of the region and nation.

People are saying, “If the capital city is not safe, what we can expect from the other parts of the nation? The place is becoming the capital of crime now. Authorities just keep on promising betterment, but nothing as such ever happens.”

People also said, “We always heard about robbery happening and murder when people walk or get approached by criminals in parking. But now shooting is happening on moving car. This is terrifying. May be many people on the street around also got injured due to this act.”

Police is actively conducting investigations and enquiries around the Belmont about the case of shooting as the suspects are still out in the open. The motive of the attack is also not clear yet.

The video, which gives hints about the incident, is also considered by the police officers, and they are trying to trace the clues which can lead them to the suspects.