Labour is a family as it never turns back in times of problems: PM Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated that Labour Party is a family that never turned its back and stood firm in times of problems. During the launch ceremony of Vince Henderson, PM Skerrit asserted that Labour is still the best choice.

Elections: PM Roosevelt Skerrit outlines ways to modernize electoral practices in Dominica
Elections: PM Roosevelt Skerrit outlines ways to modernize electoral practices in Dominica

Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated that Labour Party is a family that never turned its back and stood firm in times of problems. During the launch ceremony of Vince Henderson, PM Skerrit asserted that Labour is still the best choice.

Dominica Labour Party announced Vince Henderson as the candidate from the Grand Bay constituency for the upcoming general elections set to be held on December 6, 2022.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit assured that his government has been spending money for building homes as it is a major challenge across the constituency.

He cited, “I know housing is a major challenge across the constituency; we’re spending money Building Homes, but there are many more homes we shall build in this constituency to create better housing Solutions for Citizens and residents of this constituency, and I said to Vince, he will have my absolute support in advancing the programs and plans he has stored for the housing program.”

While appreciating Vince Henderson as a leader, PM Roosevelt Skerrit stated that he believe that Vince is the best choice for the Grand Bay constituents and when people give him five more years they will see what he can do and what he will do for the people of this constituency.

Talking about people of Grand Bay, he asserted that he have always been able to rely on the support of the Grande people as they have been a backbone of the labour party and yes a lot has been done but a lot more shall be done in this new term in of his labour party through Vince Henderson.

“I want to say to him and the Grand Bay people that you deserve all that Vince Henderson has said and even more for you, the people of this constituency; government must not be bashful to spend money in the Grand Bay constituency because Grand Bay has stood with Labour all the way and all the time, “said the prime minister.

He added that for that to happen, people must go out on Election Day
December 6 and vote for the Dominica labour party and vote for Vince
Henderson in the Grand Bay constituency.

PM Skerrit asserted that they call elections and they had nominations day on this on November 18 and the returning officer went to the office from nine o’clock in the morning and close at 4 00 PM in the afternoon and everybody who wanted to be a candidate in the elections went and nominated themselves.

“We have more candidates running than we had in 2019, we have more candidates running in 2022 , than we had in 2014 so democracy is Alive and Well in the Commonwealth of Dominica, “he added.

He stressed that no one was prevented from getting nominated, there’s no opposition member in prison in Dominica, nobody is arrested to prevent them go and get nominated, and these guys are not interested in the people of Dominica it is about themselves.

Talking about DLP’s candidate, PM Skerrit stressed that every one of the candidates in this election have all made their sacrifices, leaving their jobs to come to run and to represent to the people of Dominica.

He mentioned,”We cannot say that for the opposition what they want to do is to destroy our country and to deny you the people of Grand Bay and the people of Dominica of the opportunities for upliftment, making lives better for you and your children and for your communities, that’s what the opposition about spreading lies about our country hoping that people Blacklist Dominica but this will never happen because the vast majority the majority of Dominicans are with the Dominica labour party.”

He said that Dominicans know that when things get difficult in Dominica and the labour party has always been there for the people of Dominica. He added that they must never forget where this country was when Labour came into government and they must tell their children as well where Dominica was when Labour came into government.

Explaining in detail, he mentioned that every single Road there in the constituency was in bad shape, no government spend one dollar inhousing in the Grand bay constituency and many parts of Dominica because they did not have the compassion that was required to represent the interests of people.

“So we are committed to this tonight my message to you is simple we have to come out to vote on elections day; we cannot say Labour has won and we stay home waiting for effect at night no, we all must be counted and so by midday on December 6 we would have voted all of us, “PM Skerrit underscored.

Recalling COVID times, he asserted that they spend millions on COVID-19, keeping people alive providing vaccines and, vitamins and medicines for those who contracted the virus.

“When you look at what we have done for Citizens is unparalleled in many
parts of the world because that’s a party that cares for people
and let me give you the assurance that’s you here in Grand Bay that Labour will always have your back and let me say to you that Roosevelt Skerrit will always have your back in this constituency, “he cited.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit assured the people of Dominica that they would work even harder the people of Dominica to stand in the global crisis to understand Global challenges impacting Dominica and the entire world as Labour cares for them and Labour has been there and especially in difficult times for the people of Dominica and the next term won’t be any different.

“We have some vigorous and strong and bright young people coming to join us join us at this in the service of Dominica to push the country forward and to create better opportunities,” he asserted.

Vince Henderson also promised the people of the Grand Bay constituency their upliftment with developmental projects. He stated, “I really truly appreciate the fact that we have a strong DLP in Grand Bay that continues to look out for people, we spent the last year together in very difficult times and we are still trying to see how we could respond to the COVID-19 pandemic that had affected the whole world. It was not an easy time but we were still able to accomplish a number of things, but tonight i am focused on the work we have ahead to do here in the Grand Bay constituency.”

On behalf of the people of Grand Bay constituency, Vince Henderson, he remarked that PM, they told me to tell you that we understand in the national reset some things will change because the world is changing, things are getting more difficult but they have asked me to ask you as he has several times in international community, to ask for special and differential treatment for the Grand Bay constituency.

He noted that education is important. While thanking the government, PM Skerrit mentioned that he want to thank the government for the investment of 3.2 million dollars in the grand bay primary school.