Known stabs businessman in San Juan, stable

A 34-year-old businessman got stabbed by a known on 22 December, around 8:30 pm, along Saddle Road in San Juan.

Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A 34-year-old businessman became victim of a stabbing by someone known on the night of Friday, 22 December, around 8:30 pm, near his concession stand along Saddle Road in San Juan, a town in Trinidad.

The businessman is identified with the name of Travis Alexander, who lives at Duncan Hill off the Santa Cruz Old Road in San Juan.

As per the reports, the victim was near his concession on Saddle Road that night when he got involved in an argument with a man whom he knew already. The reason behind the argument is not specified yet.

The conversation was going on, which turned into a heated argument after some disagreements. The other man with the victim lost control over himself and pulled out the knife he was carrying.

Straight after, he attacked the victim and started stabbing Alexander multiple times with the clear intention of killing him. After the attack, he immediately fled from the place.

After realising the sudden attack on himself, the victim raised the alarm in the hope of getting help from someone nearby who could save him.

The people nearby went for his help and found him wounded and bleeding due to the attack, and the victim of the stabbing was immediately transferred to the Mt Hope Hospital for medical assistance.

In the hospital, medical staff took the victim under observation and gave him medical support. Due to medical support on time, the life of the victim was saved and reported to be in stable condition.

The police department was informed about the stabbing incident, and in response to the report, the local police station took charge of the case and went to the scene for confirmation of the incident.

Straight after, the police took charge of the case and started the investigation of the stabbing incident.

The police authorities are currently trying to trace the suspect and the reason behind the attempt to kill the victim by stabbing him. It also needs to be known why the suspect was carrying a knife with him.

The inquiries around the case are continued under the guidance of Sargent Rivers and woman Constable Sequea.

The people living around the area are worried after knowing about the stabbing incident and are worried about the maintenance of the law in the region.

People are saying, “We hear about criminal activities almost every day, and we often raise questions about the police officers, but what to do in such kind of cases? Police can stop others, but what can we do when someone is known to try to kill us? This is scary, and we need to find solutions.”

The police department is looking into the case by considering all the possibilities. As per the officers, there is a possibility that the suspect was already prepared with the motive to kill the victim, and the argument was just a cover.

As the case moves further, the new updates will come out in public, which will show a clear outline of the stabbing incident.