Known Here: Some interesting facts about “Nature Isle of Caribbean”-Dominica

Besides all these splendid beauties, Dominica is also featured so much interesting facts which could be reasons for you to visit the country once in a life. 

Roseau, Dominica: Known as “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”,- Dominica holds many interesting and mesmerizing facts in itself. The country is a true paradise of full adventure with 365 rivers, innumerable waterfalls, and the world’s second-largest hot spring- a boiling lake. Its various breathtaking views and spellbound features make the country an exceptional tourism destination.

Besides all these splendid beauties, Dominica is also featured so many interesting facts which could be reasons for you to visit the country once in a life. 

Here are some interesting facts about Dominica. Have a look!

Nature and tourism can work in harmony, and Dominica is proof. 

About National Parks

  • Here in Nature Island, the country has established 3 National Parks, with 1 being a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • First is the Morne Trois Piton National Park, the first enlisted Natural Site in the Eastern Caribbean. Established in 1997, this park is untouched and takes every visitor back in time to re-discover pristine nature, from the Emerald pool to Middleham Falls and the world’s second-largest boiling lake.
Dominica National Park
  • The second is the Morne Diablotin National Park, established just 22 years ago, covers the north of the island, primarily made to protect the habitat of the endangered Sisserou parrot. This parrot is indigenous to Dominica and our National bird.
Dominica National Park
  • The third is the Cabrits National Park, a portal to the past! Established in 1986, Cabrits protects tropical rainforests, coral reefs, and wetlands, as well as Fort Shirley. Sitting between two low-rising peaks, experience a stunning view of the beaches below.
Dominica National Park

About Dominica’s Dive

  • Dominica is Nature Island Dive, and it is the prime location for adventures beneath the sea. Nature Island Dive’s purpose is to connect persons with the life of the sea.
  • Established in 1990, Nature Island Dive’s purpose is to connect persons with the life of the sea. Experience the technicolour underwater paradise of the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve.
  • Simon Walsh, Operations Manager, shares his work and experience with Nature Island Dive over the years.
  • The marine reserve, est. 1998 is a protected area from Champagne reef to Scotts Head. Overlooked by the local government and three wardens, the reserve houses fishing priority zones, dive priority, and recreational area zones.
Dominica’s Dive
  • By protecting and maintaining these areas, the wildlife population can blossom uninterrupted by man-made actions and gradually migrate outside of the reserve, contributing to surrounding fishing villages.
  • One of their sustainability projects features coral reefs. Coral is a living creature that grows and dies and is affected by poor fishing practices, climate change, and global warming. Simon says that in collaboration with the Fisheries Division, they treat sick corals and work to maintain the overall health of the reef, which is documented!

Some facts about Jungle Bay:

  • This is Jungle Bay, where luxury and mother nature meet! Nestled above the fishing village of Soufriere, 60 tastefully designed villas are surrounded by tropical trees, banana trees and dozens of flowering plants. Unlock the barefoot part of your soul with ecological and social responsibility.
  • Jungle Bay is all about providing the full NatureIsland experience and immersing yourself in the lifestyle of the island. Start your day with local and organic breakfast, with all produce sourced from farmers on the island and on property.
  • Then, experience true Caribbean Wellness with spa and yoga sessions at their studios to decompress while overlooking the Caribbean Sea or the mountains.
Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica
  • Jungle Bay also collaborates with other tourism stakeholders, offering tour packages for hikes and dives on the island. Challenge the boiling lake, the second largest in the world or explore Middleham Falls, the tallest waterfall in Dominica.
  • Or for those looking for sea adventures, venture into whale watching, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking in the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve and witness the lively, technicolor world of Dominica’s marine life.
  • Jungle Bay continues to show how luxury tourism and the environment can be the perfect partners for a Caribbean Escape.


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