Kingstown stabbing victim dies near Milton Cato Hospital

61-year-old patient of Milton Cato Memorial Hospital found dead on Sunday near medical institution after discharging at Kingstown.

Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

St Vincent and Grenadines: A 61-year-old man, stabbing victim and a patient of Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, was found dead nearly 200 yards away from the medical institution after getting discharged on Sunday, 21 January, at Kingstown, the capital city of St Vincent and Grenadines.

As per the reports, the man was not attacked the first time but allegedly also got attacked previously around two weeks ago, for which he was being treated for stab wounds in the hospital. The identity of the victim is not confirmed yet.

The medical reports show that, in the previous case attack on the old man, he got stabbed in the abdomen, for which he was treated. The 61-year-old man survived the attack, but the incident was never reported to the police.

After the previous stabbing attack, the victim man was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, but he discharged himself just after a couple of days on Friday. It is mentioned that the man left his IV lines, tubes that are placed inside veins, behind while discharging from the hospital.

The police department was later informed about the stabbing incident in Kingstown on a 61-year-old man for which police were already in search of the victim man. The police officers were not able to locate the man for all days before his death on Sunday.

According to the police statement, the incident was reported to the police department by people who noticed a man lying and not responding near the Central Medical Stores building on Sunday.

In response to the report, police officers took charge and went to the scene, where they found the old man. They confirmed the report and took control of the area for early investigation.

The deceased old man was found at the place of the incident, still having the connections for IV lines. The man was declared dead officially after examination.

There are still many questions revolving around the case, which police officers are trying to find answers to, and people are also looking for more clarity into the case.

People around the nation and in the communities of Kingstown are sharing their opinions on the stabbing case of the old man and his death near Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on the available updates.

People are saying, “This kind of issue must be directly informed to the police on the first attempt. How will the crime stop if no one involves the police in such a serious case? An in-depth investigation of the case is required.”

People also said about the old man, “Who is that old man? A spy or a gangster? It looks like he must be involved in something very dark and the underworld, anyway, for which he got attacked. It can also be that he himself is a criminal who got injured while robbing someone. We need more details.”

People are also assuming the possibility of kidnapping the man after leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, the police department is considering all the angles that can be related to the case.