Karl Nasseif receives Dominica’s second highest award

Karl Nasseif has been honored with Dominica's second-highest award, the prestigious Sisserou Award of Honour, 2023

Karl Nasseif receives Dominica's second highest award
Karl Nasseif receives Dominica's second highest award

Karl Nasseif has been honored with Dominica’s second-highest award, the prestigious Sisserou Award of Honour, 2023.

Sisserou award of honour is recognised as the national award of Commonwealth of Dominica and is the second highest honour presented to the deserving citizens who render commendable service to the nation.

The awarded was created in 1967. The president of Commonwealth of Dominica presents the award to the citizens on behalf of the Dominican government.

The Sisserou award is named after the national bird of Dominica, Sisserou which is unique to the island. Sisserou is also visible on national flag and coat of arms.

Dominica celebrated its 45th Independence Day on 3rd November 2023. As per the tradition the president honoured 24 individuals who made substantial contributions to the society.

The award was giver under 3 categories namely, Sisserou Award of Honour, Meritorious Service Award and Services Medal of Honour. Karl Nasseif was presented with the prestigious recognition of the country along with other recipients of the Sisserou.

Karl Nassief is a Dominican born businessman and bears expertise in various fields that includes automotive, retail, distribution, energy , logistics and world class operations. He is an experienced business leader and currently operates his business units in Dominica, Saint Lucia , and St Maarten.

Nassief is recognised as the Managing Director of Fine Foods Inc., Auto Trade Limited and a renewable energy company that offers a diverse range of sustainable energy saving solutions. He is also the franchise holder for KFC and Save-A-Lot Supermarket.

Nassief also heads the operation of Real Foods Inc., a Saint Lucia-based business specialising in restaurants. In St. Maarten he operates Car dealerships on both the Dutch and French side. Nassief has graduated from the university of Western Ontario and holds a BA. in Economics.

Prior to entering the business field, Mr. Nassief worked as a pilot for LIAT for three and a half years. Karls group of companies provides employment to over 800 individuals.

The recipients of the Sisserou Award of honour were Karl Nassief, Daryl Williams, Martin Anthony, Edrick Robinson, and Patrick Pemberton.

The Meritorious Service Award is awarded to the citizens to recognise their valuable contributions to the country of Dominica in the Public Sector, Services Sector, Religion, Social Work, Human Resources, Agriculture, Politics and other fields.

The recipients for the awards are Fabierre Adler Hamlet, Dr. Orrin Jolly, Cynthia Agnes Joseph, Clement Royer, Samuel Carrette, Kendell Johnson, Sun Hoajie, Yoland Jno-Jules, Maximin Victorine, Lisa White, Dr. Asa Edwards, Gloria Septra Augustus , Daniel Langlois, Allan Paul , Sobers Esprit and Renneth Alexis

Services Medal of Honour is awarded to the citizens or organizations that add to the country’s development in community and social development. The recipients for 2023 are Ashton Shillingford, Marian George and Cecil Joseph.