Kareem and Sherma dies in Tobago car accident, 2 injured

Kareem and Sherma died in car accident with two got injured, including 2-year-old child, on Sunday at Claude Noel Highway, Tobago.

Kareem and Sherma died in Tobago car accident. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago
Kareem and Sherma died in Tobago car accident. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: Two individuals, Kareem and Sherma, lost their lives, and two got injured, including the 2-year-old child, in a car accident on Sunday, 14 January, at Claude Noel Highway near Dwight Yorke Stadium in Tobago around 12:05 am.

The deceased victims who lost their lives in a car accident in Tobago are identified as a 26-year-old man named Kareem Thom and a 26-year-old woman named Sherma Thomas, who both lived in Big Hole in Goodwood, a region of Tobago.

The injured victims of the Tobago car accident are identified as a 33-year-old woman named Sachelle Kennedy, who lived in Majuba Trace, and a 2-year-old child named Jacobi Thomas.

As per the reports, the four victims of the car accidents were travelling in a white Nissan Tiida car along the Claude Noel Highway in Tobago. The deceased victim, Kareem, was driving the car in the company of other victims, Sherma, Sachelle and Jacobi.

Around 12:05 am, while driving near the Dwight Yorke Stadium of Tobago, Kareem unexpectedly lost control of the car, which eventually resulted in the accident.

The car of the victims collided with an iron railing on the southern side of the roadway. Then, the car crashed into a tree down an incline, which led to the death of Kareem immediately on the scene.

The people who were passing by the highway noticed the car accident and instantly went for help. The car incident was immediately informed to the Tobago police department.

In response to the information, officers from the Tobago police department took charge and went to the scene of a car accident. The officers went to the place and confirmed the report by taking control of the region for early investigations.

On the scene of the accident, the lifeless body of Kareem was found, and other victims were injured. The injured victims were immediately taken to the Scarborough General Hospital for medical observation.

After all the efforts of the medical staff, victim Sherma was not able to survive and was declared dead officially. The other two victims, including the child, were able to survive the accident.

The police officers called DMO to the accident site for examination. DMO went to the scene and examined the body of the dead victim, Kareem, and shared his observation with the officers.

Straight after, DMO ordered the removal of the body from the site and taken to the Scarborough General Hospital Mortuary.

The people around the communities in Tobago, after hearing about the incident, are discussing the car accidents and safety measures.

People are saying, “The issue of road accidents does not seem to be decreasing this year. It is just the beginning of the year, and the deaths have started being recorded. People need to take care of themselves and follow the rules. Driving on the road is not a game.”

People also said about road safety measurements, “This is the duty of the individuals to drive carefully as they are also responsible for the lives travelling with them and others who are moving on the road. This also shows how seriously we need to manage our road safety rules and protocols.”

People are also talking about the condition of the car and how it was maintained. People are hoping for the betterment of the families of the victims with a 2-year-old child involved in the car accident in Tobago.

The officers of the Tobago police department are still investigating the case to find out the real reason for the car accident, as it can be irresponsible driving, damage in the car or the conditions of the road.