Kamla Bissessar presents proposals to help underprivileged and middle-class men & women, keep their livelihoods after lockdown

Trinidad and Tobago: Leader of the opposition party-UNC- Kamla Persad Bissessar, presented some proposals for the poor and middle-class men and women to help them keep their livelihoods after the lockdown.

 Following are the effective alternative COVID-19 policy proposals by opposition leader- Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC, to protect peoples lives and livelihoods-

  •   The Loan deferral schemes in coordination with the Bankers Association and the Central Bank.
  •  Reduced bank rates for loans in place at the moment.
  •  A debt workout scheme for companies that are deemed to now falls below “bank risk” due to the harmful effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This can place state-run bank FCB or other takers in the scheme to ensure that businesses get rescued.
  •  Renewal of SME fund accessibility via commercial banks for companies that are small and micro and may by nature fall below “bank risk” (unsuitable for bank loans in effect) through NEDCO, Development Finance and other state entity.
  • VAT rebates. For companies that are going to be seeking financing to cover working capital cost during the lockdown, a rebate of VAT at this time could have supported some enterprises.
  • Several associations are not going to be able to reopen. What would be in store for these companies? We heard nothing from the Government.

She further stated that the total difference between the PM Rowley and the leader of the opposition – Kamla Persad Bissesar is -‘Humanity vs Cruelty’

One resident of T&T commented on this and stated, “Pnm knows nothing about how to create jobs preserve business or anything of that nature all they know is to spend collapse a bankrupt business and cripple the working class if Rowley and PNM are as intelligent as they claim to be then this forces me to believe that they are destroying our country on purpose.” whereas the other resident commented that there is no medication in the hospitals and people are suffering.”