Journalist in Guyana shot at by unknown gunman

GPA comes out in support of Travis Chase, a journalist in Guyana who was shot at by an unknown gunman on Monday.

Journalist in Guyana attacked by unknown gunman. (Image Credits: Facebook)
Journalist in Guyana attacked by unknown gunman. (Image Credits: Facebook)

Travis Chase, a journalist who hails from Guyana, was shot at by an unknown assailant on Monday night. The incident has unsettled the journalists in the nation as the Guyana Press Association (GPA) called for a detailed investigation into the matter.

This is not the first time Travis Chase has been put at risk; earlier, his car was burnt down in June 2020. The incident was a difficult experience for Chase, but no one was charged, and the matter was dismissed quietly.

Owing to this, the journalistic community in Guyana is applying significant pressure on the authorities to ensure that Chase’s security is given priority and that the perpetrators of the latest attack on him are brought to justice.

The GPA has clarified that it is planning on following up on this case till the appropriate measures are taken, as it is the right of every journalist to be able to work without a threat looming over them or their loved ones.

The GPA has also brought the issue to the notice of its regional and international partners, which is expected to influence the decisions taken by Guyana’s authorities with regards to this case.

The journalistic community in the region is on edge due to this case as a trend of attacking journalists seems to be emerging. Understandably, it is hard for people with in this profession to complete their tasks diligently and effectively when they are under such pressure due to threats to their life and family.

Much has been made of the lack of effort put into Chase’s case in 2020 when his car was burnt down. This is why the GPA is trying to ensure that the case is dealt with in the appropriate manner by Guyana’s investigative authorities, so that such an incident does not occur with him or any other journalist in the future.