Jorjanna Albert & Nickese Morancie introduce themselves for Miss Dominica Queen show 2024

Jorjanna Albert and Nickese Morancie have introduced themselves , their passions and the platform that they will grow as Miss Dominica 2024

The Miss Dominica national Queen show 2024
The Miss Dominica national Queen show 2024

The Miss Dominica National Queen Show 2024 is going to be held on February 8, 2024, at the Carnival City (Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Forecourt). Six young women are participating in The Carnival Queen pageant.

The contestants are Jorjanna Albert, Nickese Morancie, Royhanna Martin, Kianne Bastien, Denice Laurent, and Kyanna Dyer.

Contestant number 1, Jorjanna Albert and Contestant number 2, Nickese Morancie, have introduced themselves, shared their passions and presented the platform on which they will grow as Miss Dominica 2024.

Jorjanna Albert says, “I am 20 year old, Jorjanna Albert, representing Roseau Valley, a community of scenic beauty that is a home to the world’s second largest boiling lake and the maker of Dominica’s tourism. I am your contestant number 1 in the Miss Dominica 2024 pageant. I am excited to have you all join me on my journey to the throne as I execute my platform “Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship”.

This platform is one that is dear to me as I am an entrepreneur myself. My aim is to promote gender equity and women rights by empowering women to become financially independent and self-sufficient by successfully opening their businesses. The Miss Dominica 2024 pageant promises to be one that showcases not only the beauty of Dominican women but also intelligence, talent, and skills. I’m excited to invite all of you to Carnival City on February 8th 2024, at 8 pm to witness an explosion of culture like no other.”

Contestant number 2, Nickese Morancie, says, “An accelerating showcase and glitz and glamour awaits you on February 8 2024. As I 21 year old, Nickese Morancie will be gracing the stage at 8 pm representing the community of Dublanc, a community filled with talent, prominence in sports and culture. Dublanc richness in agriculture and fishing have inspired my platform of Miss Dominica 2024, “The conservation, preservation and promotion of Dominica’s Natural environment and wildlife”. I urge you to come to witness a show you have never seen before.”