JFK airport to undergo world-class transformation under $19 billion project

John F. Kennedy International Airport- JFK, New York is all set to be completely transformed into a world-class global gateway under the $19 billion dollar public/private redevelopment program.

New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport- JFK, New York, is all set to be completely transformed into a world-class global gateway under the $19 billion public/private redevelopment program.

The airport will transform into a modern 21st Century Airport with the construction of two giant new terminals, expansion and modernization of existing terminals, streamlined roadways, and popular local retail and dining. Besides this, the airport will also feature stunning New York artwork, aiming to provide customers with a world-class travel experience.

The airport authority said that they are jumping into a heavy construction phase which will further cause some inconvenience to the customers. They also recommend the passengers contact the port authority to get information about the new updates on the project.

The new JFK airport will feature:

  • Unified terminal layout to provide seamless travel options to passengers
  • The transformation will provide world-class amenities to the passengers.
  • It will be redesigned on-airport traffic pattern.
  • The new JFK will receive centralized ground transportation options
  • The taxiways and gate capacity will be expanded and enhanced.
  • The security of the airport will turn into a state-of-the-art facility.
  • The first new airport facilities were opened in 2022.

As per reports, the airport will open the first phases of the new terminals in 2026.

Benefits of the JFK Redevelopment Program

The transformation of the airport will provide numerous benefits to the people seeking to work in the aviation industry. The project will provide 9,600 direct jobs and more than 15,000 total jobs to the citizens. From the $19 billion investment, $3.9 billion will be allocated to in PA Capital Plan and more than $15 billion in private funding.

The project will provide local business job training and certification to the local residents. The transformation of the airport will enhance the experience of the customers, optimize the land and airspace, and develop economic opportunities.

Notably, the John F Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports which is known for its seamless travel option across the globe. As per reports, the airport welcomes 62 million passengers in a year, supports 280,00 jobs and generates more than $51 billion in sales.

In addition to that, the airport has also projected the growth of passengers to increase by 75 million by 2030. The airport is of 4,930 acres and consists of 4 runways. It also directly employed 37,000 workers.

The airport will redevelop, modify and expand existing facilities and infrastructure.