Jamaica’s PM condemns violence against women

Prime Minister Andrew Holness condemned the violence against women, children and violence in the community.

Jamaica: Prime Minister Andrew Holness condemned the violence against women, children and violence in the community. On Tuesday, speaking in the House of Representatives, PM Holness announced that he was outraged at the display of violence in a viral video circulated.

He noted that the following allegations on that person captured in the video is a member of Parliament, which circulated new rumours in society.

PM Holness further stated, “While every citizen, every one of us has a duty and must play their part and speak loudly and unequivocally against violence, we who sit in this honourable House, elected and appointed to make laws, policies, have a higher duty to exemplify the laws of the land and the policies which we espouse and advocate.”

PM stated, “If we are not seen as illustrating the law and believing in what we preach, our electorate and the wider society will not take us seriously and, worse, they will not trust us.”

“The allegations made against the Member, unproven, are serious and have cast unresolved doubt which could impact the Government’s credibility in pursuing our long-established anti-violence strategies and policies, particularly as it relates to gender-based violence,” PM added.

PM informed that the member in question regarding the video has been separated from the Government Caucus and has taken leave of absence from the House of Representatives.

Adding to this, PM answered, “It is time that should be used well to resolve doubts and questions. What must be clear to the public is that the Government doesn’t want its credibility and leadership of the cultural and social revolution that is necessary for rejecting the use of violence as a means of resolving conflict to be impaired.”

In the Meantime, Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert- Speaker of the House of Representatives, in reading a joint statement from women in Parliament on violence against women, replied, “The group will continue to denounce domestic violence. In all its forms and regardless of who the perpetrators are or maybe.”

Additionally, Philibert added,” As members of the highest legislative body in the land, we have always committed to ensuring that the rights of every individual in Jamaica are protected. We also continue to conduct the business of our country, respectful of the laws that govern us. As such, we seek to guarantee the life, well-being and happiness of every individual.”

Furthermore, he noted, “In this vein, violence, in particular gender-based violence, must at all times be denounced as a threat to the life, well-being and happiness of our people. We, therefore, have never condoned and will never condone violence in any form, but in particular gender-based violence,”