Jamaica: Toll Gate man dies in suspected arson attack

65-year-old man found dead after a suspected arson attack in the Toll Gate locality of Clarendon, Jamaica, on Sunday, 10 March.

Four women got extended bail in $60M Liguanea fraud case. Image Credit: Facebook, Northumbria Police
Four women got extended bail in $60M Liguanea fraud case. Image Credit: Facebook, Northumbria Police

Jamaica: A 65-year-old man was found dead after getting captured in a fire at his four-bedroom home which is suspected to be an arson attack in the Toll Gate locality of Clarendon, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica, on Sunday, 10 March, around 2:00 am.

Roy Thompson is the name with which the deceased victim of the arson attack is identified, who was working as a carpenter by his profession and lived along the Old Road in Toll Gate, Jamaica. A 64-year-old man who was also inside the premises during the incident was able to escape the fire alive.

It is mentioned that the deceased victim, with the other man, was also able to escape the house on fire. But after the escape, the victim, Roy Thompson, went inside the house again to save some necessary items belonging to him.

In an effort to save the items from the burning house, the victim got stuck inside as the situation got elevated and the fire was engulfing all around the house. Reportedly, a section of the building collapsed and fell on the victim.

The act became the reason for the death of the victim after which he was not able to run out of the premises. According to the reports on the incident, the suspected arson attack took place on the day while the occupants were in their Toll Gatehouse.

At nearly 2:00 am, the occupants heard the sound of something breaking, which grabbed their attention, and they went to check for the reason behind it. After the search, they noticed that a section of the house was on fire and taking over the entire place.

The police officers from the local law enforcement department went to the location of the fire incident after getting the report about the alleged arson attack in the house of Toll Gate. The police officers initiated the operation and the fire team was also called who explore the dead body of the victim.

The officers confirmed the fire report in the house and recorded the statements concerning the case which could help with the further investigation. Currently, the police officers continue with the inquiries and are trying to find the reason behind the act and the culprits who could be part of the crime.

The people of Jamaica and the Toll Gate locality are sharing their words on the suspected arson attack and are saying, “What kind of man that was? Will it be considered as a suicide? What was inside so much valuable that the man was ready to give his life also and actually got into the fire without caring about his life.”