Jamaica records 100 new COVID-19 cases

Jamaica island recorded 100 new COVID-19 cases and ten deaths in a single day.

Jamaica: Jamaica island recorded 100 new COVID-19 cases and ten deaths in a single day.

These new 100 cases take the total number of COVID-19 cases in the nation to 47,672, and with these ten fatalities, the death rate rises to 902.

Out of the new 100 cases that are reported in Jamaica, fifty-three are women, and forty-four are men, and three cases are still under investigation. These new cases have an age range from one – Ninety-two. 

With this, 113 people have also been recovered from the deadly mutant taking the total number of recoveries in the nation to 23,643.

These new COVID-19 cases were recorded in-

  •  Kingston and St Andrew (22) cases,
  •  St James (21) cases, 
  • St Catherine (16) cases, 
  • Trelawny (eight) cases, 
  • Westmoreland (seven) cases,
  •  St Elizabeth, St Mary, Manchester (six cases each), 
  • Clarendon (four) cases, 
  • St Thomas (two) cases, 
  • Hanover and Portland (two cases each).

According to Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness, the deaths that occurred between February 9 and May 18 were of deceased- A 71-year-old man from St James, a 56-year-old woman from Kingston & St Andrew, an 86-year-old female from Manchester, a 63-year-old male from Manchester, a 76-year-old man from Manchester, a 52-year-old woman from Manchester whose death was previously under investigation, an 86-year-old woman from Manchester, 85-year-old male from Manchester, 70-year-old female from Manchester and 80-year-old man from Manchester.

Around 180 individuals are in the hospital, out of which 42 are moderately ill and while thirteen are the critical cases. Seven individuals are under government quarantine, while 26,442 people are quarantined at their homes.

According to the statistics, worldwide, there are around 16.5 crore COVID-19 cases, and around 34.3 lakh deaths have been reported globally amid the coronavirus.

 CARPHA- Caribbean Public Health Agency is requesting the health ministries to regard the WHO’s advice on the use of Ivermectin. Eight doctors issued an open letter to the health ministry of Jamaica seeking permission for the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19.