Jamaica: Man shot dead by police in Saint Andrew encounter

Man got shot and killed by police in encounter after he fired at officers at Hunts Bay police station in Saint Andrew on 17 February.

Bermuda Police probing four deaths in house of Pembroke. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television
Bermuda Police probing four deaths in house of Pembroke. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television

Jamaica: A man got shot and killed by police officers in an encounter that occurred after the man reportedly fired at officers when confronted after illegally entering the premises of the Hunts Bay police station in Saint Andrew, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica, on Saturday, 17 February. The identity of the deceased man is not confirmed till now.

As per the reports, the incident of shooting in the encounter between police officers and the suspect in Saint Andrew took place on the day when the deceased man was spotted by the officers outside the lock-up area. The Hunts Bay police station is the headquarters for the St Andrew South police division.

It is mentioned that the police officer confronted the man for his presence in the place without any permission. It is said that the man was attempting to supply things illegally inside the lock-up.

Reportedly, when the police spotted him at the place and approached him while confronting him, the man armed himself with a firearm which he was carrying with him. The deceased man started shooting in the direction of the police officers.

In response to the sudden open firing from the suspicious man the police officers also pulled out their service firearms and started firing against the suspect. It is mentioned that the action was taken by the police officers as per the use of firearm laws.

The Saint Andrew encounter between the police officers and the suspicious man led to the fatal injury to the suspect. The suspect who was bleeding from his gunshot wound was not able to survive and lost his life.

The police officers sealed the area of the shooting encounter and collected the firearm possessed by the suspect which was a Glock 17 pistol. Straight after the incident was reported to the higher authorities.

The case is overtaken by the Independent Commission of Investigations which is conducting the investigation and inquiries into the case to trace the evidence concerning the incident. Meanwhile, the dead body of the culprit is under the custody of the police department.

The people around the nation and the local residents of the communities around Saint Andrew parish are sharing their opinions on the case after hearing about the incident of a shooting encounter in which the suspected man was killed by the police officers.

People are saying, “There’s is something wrong with the police station being used as jails. The police should take people who they charged to the court for arraignment and them turned them over to professor correction officers.”