Jamaica: Constable and car washer booked for farmer’s murder

A police constable is charged with murder of a farmer by shooting at Longville Park in Clarendon, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica.

Raheem Richards died in La Romaine shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force
Raheem Richards died in La Romaine shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, RSVG Police Force

Jamaica: A police constable is charged with one more suspect on Sunday, 7 January, for the murder of a 59-year-old farmer by shooting early morning on 27 December 2023 at Longville Park in Clarendon, a parish in the southern part of Jamaica.

The Police department was investigating the case of the murder of a farmer in the parish last year and has now reached a critical point. The charges are against two people, among whom one is a police constable.

The constable is now under custody, and his appearance in the May Pen Parish Court is scheduled for Monday, 8 January.

The deceased farmer was identified with the name of Donnett Lowe, who lived in Longville Park.

The suspects are identified as a 32-year-old constable with the name of Jimoke Ingram and a 33-year-old car wash operator named Sheldon Harris, both living in Longville Park in Clarendon.

Both the suspects are charged with Murder and also for carrying illegal weapons and unauthorised ammunition.

As per the reports from the Clarendon Police, it was around 4:45 am on the day of the murder when two suspects visited the home of the farmer and engaged him in a brief conversation.

Shortly after, the sound of the explosions was heard by the neighbours, and the incident was immediately reported to the police department. In response, the police officers from the local department took charge and visited the place.

After visiting the crime scene, police officers found the farmer, who was bleeding from gunshot wounds on his upper body.

Police officers confirmed the report and took the area under control for early investigation. The victim farmer was immediately sent to the nearby hospital for medical attention.

After all the efforts of the medical staff, the farmer was not able to survive and was declared dead officially in the hospital.

The active investigation in the right direction by the police officers resulted in the reveal of both the culprits. The suspects were pointed out in an identification parade.

The clues collected in relation to the murder through the investigation took officers to the home of the culprit constable.

The search of the house was done by the officers in the presence of a 32-year-old customer service representative named Shanika Simpson, who also lives in the neighbourhood.

In the search of the house, police officers recovered an illegal handgun with hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The people of the communities appreciate the approach of the Jamaica police department and are also worried about the security of the locals when a constable is committing a crime.

People are saying, “It is really sad to know that these criminals choose to be a part of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. I hope you continue to find them and root them out.”

People also mentioned, “It is great to see how our officers are dedicated towards betterment of the nation. Every one must be punished equally, law is same for all.”