“Is the Ivor Walters Primary School a Political Target,” says Premier Mark Brantley

Premier of Nevis and the leader of Concerned Citizens Movement- Mark Brantley condemned the politics created on the Ivor Walters Primary School.

"Is the Ivor Walters Primary School a Political Target," says Premier Mark Brantley

Nevis: Premier of Nevis and the leader of Concerned Citizens Movement- Mark Brantley condemned the politics created on the Ivor Walters Primary School. 

Read Here: Full statement of Premier Mark Brantley:  

I believe it’s true to say that IWPS has served the people of St John’s and the surrounding communities well. It has seen teachers dedicated to their students and it has produced some of the best and brightest that the island of Nevis has to offer. I am proud that I attended IWPS and I know I can speak for the people of St John’s and especially for those in Brown Hill, Prospect, Church Ground, Cane Garden, Victoria Road and Cherry Gardens for whom IWPS is their school.

We are all PROUD of IWPS. It has therefore been a mystery to my why election cycle after election cycle some misguided NRP politicians try to use IWPS for political propaganda.

We well recall the mischief of the then NRP candidate Dr Daly when he posted the malicious lies about the IWPS being infested with cockroaches. This was after he had launched a similar fictional story about bat infestation at the school. Now it’s another election cycle and the new NRP candidate is again at it. This time the story is that IWPS students are being forced to sit on the floor because there are no desks and chairs for them to use.

Now I don’t know much about Dr Daly except that he and the truth don’t usually keep company. But the current candidate is a Brown Hillian and she like nearly all Brown Hillians would have benefitted tremendously from the IWPS. So my simple question is why spread falsehoods to involve the school yet again in political propaganda?

Now a simple phone call or even a visit to the school she passes every day could have cleared up any misunderstanding immediately. That is what a responsible and genuinely concerned citizen would have done. Alas it seems that the facts for the NRP will not be allowed to get in the way of whatever story they wish to fabricate.

I wish the Head Teacher and staff at IWPS to know that I and the government that I lead support them 100%. We recognize that things aren’t always perfect but they have my assurance that I am here to work with them to constantly improve and make the school and every other school in Nevis better and stronger.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained by targeting the school foolishly election after election with fake and alarming propaganda from people whose only contribution to the school is criticism.

Just as there were no cockroaches and bats at IWPS, there is no shortage of desks and chairs for our students and a simple conversation with the Head Teacher or with education officials could have cleared that up easily without the sad political posturing and falsehoods.

I am asking the NRP to lift its game. They may have changed candidates but election after election Nevisians have said that it’s just the same old khaki frock.