CM asks to Investigate SSP Raj Jit Singh’s involvement in illegal nexus

Investigation Gives Clean Chit to SSP Raj Jit Singh
SSP Raj Jit Singh Hundal

India, Punjab: SSP Raj Jit Singh Hundal, who had been fighting for justice and trying to clear his name for years seems to be trapped in investigations as CM Bhagwant Mann ordered the immediate dismissal of Hundal.

In a significant development, the three reports submitted by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) have not indicted any police officer in their investigations. The SIT, which was constituted under the directives of the India’s Punjab and Haryana High Court, has revealed that Raj Jit Singh PPS, a key figure in the case, was not involved in any illegal activities in the past and has maintained a record of honest policing.

This finding comes as a major relief for law enforcement authorities and highlights the importance of a thorough and unbiased investigation in ensuring justice and upholding the integrity of the police force.

On March 28, 2023, the Punjab and Haryana High Court delivered reports to the State Government for further action. These reports were instrumental in determining the course of action against individuals involved in a high-profile case.

Following the submission, the Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann, announced that prompt action would be initiated against the culprits in accordance with the law. This announcement underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring justice and maintaining law and order in the state.

The reports submitted to the high court provided a vital to SSP Rajjit Singh Hundal, who had been under scrutiny for his alleged connection with dismissed Punjab Police Inspector Inderjit Singh. According to the reports, a thorough investigation was conducted, and no link was found between the two individuals.

The investigation outcome not only cleared SSP Rajjit Singh’s name but also reinforced the importance of a fair and unbiased investigation process. The state government’s swift action and the Chief Minister’s assurance of legal action against the culprits demonstrate their dedication to upholding justice and maintaining the integrity of the law enforcement system.

On December 15, 2017, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) assumed responsibility for a high-profile case, with key members including the then Special DGP (human rights) Sidharth Chattopadhyaya and the Director of the Bureau of Investigation, Punjab, as well as the then IG ATS (Intelligence) Kunwar Vijay Partap.

Prior to the formation of the SIT, the probe was being conducted by the then STF Chief Harpreet Sidhu. However, the SIT was established after Raj Jit Singh filed a petition in the High Court, accusing Sidhu of harboring bias against him. The formation of the SIT aimed to ensure a fair and impartial investigation into the case, addressing concerns raised by Raj Jit in his appeal to the court.

The SIT was assigned a mission to examine the claims of SSP Raj Jit Singh Hundal’s involvement with dismissed Inspector Inderjit Singh, as stated in FIR No. 1 from June 12, 2017, at the special task force police station in Mohali. This FIR is related to the recovery of 6 kg of heroin from Inderjit by the STF.

In 2013, Raj Jit was assigned as the Tarn Taran SSP and specifically requested for Inderjit to be posted as an inspector in the district claiming that Inderjit’s services were urgently needed in Tarn Taran.

When Raj Jit was transferred to Hoshiarpur, he wrote a recommendation letter to the IGP, praising Inderjit as a hardworking officer. However, the final SIT report states that numerous officers have had Inderjit posted under them over time, and the potential complicity between Inderjit and these officers could warrant a separate inquiry or investigation.

Infamous Inspector Inderjit Singh, known for his controversial tenure in the police force, only served under Raj Jit Singh for a brief period of 14 months. However, it is important to note that throughout his career, he has provided services under the supervision of numerous other officers for much longer durations, often exceeding two years. This highlights that Inspector Inderjit Singh’s association with Raj Jit Singh was not the defining factor in his career, as he had ample opportunities to work with and learn from a diverse range of officers. Consequently, it is crucial to consider the broader context of his service history when evaluating his overall performance and reputation in the police force.

The decision is being hailed by many as a significant step towards ensuring justice for innocent individuals who have been falsely accused. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact future cases and whether it will pave the way for a more fair and just legal system in India.

Notably, Rajjit Singh PPS, a highly respected police official in Punjab, has been the victim of a grave injustice. He has been falsely accused of criminal activities associated with drug peddling, despite being a highly decorated officer with an exemplary record of service. Meanwhile, the real culprits responsible for these heinous crimes remain at large, continuing to spread destruction and chaos throughout the region.