Indian government seeks counsel from Advocate Salve in Mehul Choksi’s case

The government of India is seeking guidance from Queen's Counsel and Senior Advocate Harish Salve on the Fugitive Mehul Choksi's case.

Dominica: The government of India is seeking guidance from Queen’s Counsel and Senior Advocate Harish Salve on the Fugitive Mehul Choksi’s case.

Advocate Harish Salve is likely to present India’s case before the High Court in Dominica. Currently, Mehul Choksi is under the custody of the Dominican Police.

Advocate Salve on 7 June 2021, in his statement, asserted, “I am notifying the government of India on what actions to take in the Mehul Choksi case. The government of India is not a party appearing in the Dominican court. We are only helping the Dominican authorities.”

“India is given an audience, and the Attorney General agrees to my admission to their bar, l will appear for India,” Advocate Salve stated.

In an interview with Indian media house of Republic TV, Advocate Salve asserted that he is weighing on the tact to secure the extradition of Mehul Choksi to India, and he would anticipate the PNB scam accused’s bail notice in the Dominica High Court.

Advocate Salve stated that he would appear in Choksi’s case virtually if he is given permission. He also acknowledged the role of international diplomacy in the situation.

Following the statement, he noted that the police of Dominica has vigorously denied that fugitive Choksi was kidnapped from Antigua and Barbuda and that some people tortured him.

He added, “I do not have that kind of experience of the Dominican courts, but I am hopeful that we should be talking weeks rather than months.”

In the case of fugitive Choksi’s nephew Nirav Modi, Advocate Salve asserted, “Normally, you get bail when you are detained in an extradition case. English courts have considered Nirav a flight risk and not given him bail. Of course, legal procedures take their course. The courts would satisfy themselves that a case is made out for their extradition. But prima facie, the court felt that he has to be kept in custody. That’s why Nirav is in a British jail.

The Lawyers of Choksi has filed a habeas corpus petition. The High court of Dominica has dismissed the bail plea of Choksi in illegal entry to Dominica. The next hearing of Mehul Choksi is likely to take place on 14 June 2021.