How Columnist Vimal Singh unleash human potential with his writings?

Vimal Singh, known as the Indian columnist, is also a Political Strategist and Corporate Advisor. He is a very profound writer and blogger in the famous Indian newspaper called "Time of India". 

World: Vimal Singh, known as the Indian columnist, is also a Political Strategist and Corporate Advisor. He is a very profound writer and blogger in the famous Indian newspaper called “Time of India”. 

Vimal Singh is known for his perfect political analysis and heartwarming columns. Also regarded as a people’s author, his Writing always provides a perfect perspective to the people in the field of politics. He is also recognized as the perfect master in politics whose predictions turned true.

His writing skills are highly appreciated not only in India but all across Europe. Vimal Singh wrote various articles on different political issues and gave perfect analyses of the global political situation. His article political situation of the United Kingdom named “Gloomy days are ahead in the UK”, where he perfectly explained the reign of Boris Johnson. 

It is well said that Writing always speaks to people and helps them know they are not alone. Writing allows people to explore a world that is not their own. Writers can teach lessons and make people think differently. Writers can choose to use their Writing to teach valuable lessons, give new perspectives and make us see the world and the behaviour of people in a different light. Writing can inspire, motivate, and bring about change. 

So is true with Vimal Singh as he gave true perspective to the people to see the world differently and make them feel that they could make their own analysis according to the situation. 

His one article named “World is heading for a new era of happiness and peace” has defined the significance of the inter-bonding between the two countries. Vimal Singh explained that in a world full heading for chaos, and on the other side, everyone would see how regional politics and inter-bonding is bringing people and countries close to each other. The article was an entire summary of the political situation that prevailed between the United States and other countries. 

Further, on the political situation of the United Kingdom, he also tweeted Boris Johnson following Indian politician’s tricks against the personal vengeance of Sunak. Creating chaos in British politics, maybe he will be successful, but it will set a new trend of dirty politics and further deep economic crisis to make a huge impact. 

Here are some must-read articles by Vimal Singh: 

In death, too, Atal Ji left a message for the girl child

  • He explained the journey of life of Atal Bihari Vijayapai, who remained the prime minister of India. He explained the life journey of Atal Ji thoroughly so that anyone can get even pic h of information about Atal Ji from the article.

Navigating Pakistan from chaos to calm

  • In the article, he explained the entire political scenario of Pakistan and also outlined the major factors that could impact the future connection of Pakistan politics.

Take a pledge to make the drive against plastics successful

  • The article outlined the worst impact of the use of plastics and how they can damage the environment. He wrote the article with suitable facts and figures and official data that so far how plastic has damaged our earth across the globe. Vimal Singh also defined that plastic also remained an x-factor in climate change in the article.

Honest police leadership must for effective policing

  • The article explained the role of the police in society. He shed light on the current scenario of police authorities and judiciary systems all across the globe. Vimal Singh, in the article, stressed that police should have to improve their identity among the common people.

When Donald Trump shakes Indian PM’s hand

  • The article shed light on the relationship between India and the United States at the time of President Donald Trump. He also explained the reign of Donald Trump.


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