How CBI Programme helps Dominica in securing a climate-resilient future

In the face of the turbulent world, Dominica, aptly called the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, has shown the real story of resilience and regeneration.

How CBI Programme helps Dominica in securing a climate-resilient future
How CBI Programme helps Dominica in securing a climate-resilient future

Roseau, Dominica: In the face of the turbulent world, Dominica, aptly called the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, has shown the real story of resilience and regeneration. Where all the big and developed countries were busy planning the way out from the issue of climate change, this small island nation has started working on the steps in the pursuit of a climate-resilient future. 

While garnering worldwide attention, Dominica is viewed as the perfect example for taking stringent actions against the climate change. The steps in protecting eco-systems, erection of sea defences and building resilience in infrastructure have assisted the country to build back better. 

The mission of protecting lives and livelihoods from natural disasters paved the path of resilience for Dominica. While setting an aim for itself, the nature isle of the Caribbean vowed to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation and fulfil sustainable development goals. 

Climate Change is a global issue as it has been creating great chaos across the globe. The issue has established the term Climate resilient, which is the ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to hazardous events, trends or disturbances related to climate. However, small island developing states like Dominica are vulnerable to climate change as they stand to lose even more than other countries. 

The entire scenario has made the government to put efforts in building Dominica in a better position that can withstand any natural calamity. They have taken great steps to assess how climate change could create new or alter current climate-related risks with an intent to implement better decisions to mitigate such risks. 

With the passing of time, Dominica is on the drive to strengthen their measures for their climate-resilient future. 

Importance of climate-resilient future for Dominica

Dominica is known as one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean region, with its magnificent flora and fauna, 365 rivers and tranquil rainforests. However, its vulnerability to climate change necessitates a proactive and comprehensive approach to ensure the survival and prosperity of its people and economy. 

Dominica was devastated by several natural calamities, such as tropical Storm Erika (in 2015) and Hurricane Maria (in 2017), resulting in the nation needing to be rebuilt from the ground up. Despite all these troubles, the country always remains in high spirits to combat the issues and realized that there should be the implementation of sufficient and significant measures to protect itself from the effects of these natural disasters. 

While refusing to depend upon any luck or chance, Dominica has decided to do incredible work to build itself in a better position. The country has also realized the fact that steps should be taken to secure a climate-resilient future, not merely being environmentally conscious. Hence, the journey of the climate-resilient future of Dominica has started with its vigilant approach toward climate change. 

Steps were taken by Dominica to ensure a climate-resilient future

While adopting a multifaceted approach to ensure climate resilience, Dominica put its prime focus on eco-tourism, infrastructure and investment. In addition to funding conservation programmes – Dominica has also banned single-use plastic. The conservation programmes include the Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme and the Dominica Sperm Whale Project. The country has also been keenly working to achieve the goal of being reliant on renewable energy by 2023. 

Following are some steps taken by Dominica to ensure a climate-resilient future: 

A unique blend of eco-luxury resorts and sustainable practices in Dominica: Dominica has constructed several resorts, such as Jungle Bay Resort, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa, and Secret Bay, where luxury and sustainability meet each other. These hotels also run on solar power, use eco-friendly crockery, cutlery and glassware. The zero-waste policy is the prime focus of these resorts. 

  • Secret Bay: Secret Bay Dominica has been named the #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas in Travel + Leisure’s 2020 World’s Best Awards, as well as the #6 Hotel in the World on Travel + Leisure’s “Top 100” list. Along with that, Dominica was among the top places of Vogue Magazine to travel in 2020, featuring Secret Bay as an “eco-hideaway” where a new on-site restaurant, wellness centre and two-story villa await guests. Secret Bay Continues its Sustainable Movement and has been awarded Green Globe Certification for its Efforts. 
  • Jungle Bay: Nestled above the fishing village of Soufriere, 60 tastefully designed villas are surrounded by tropical trees, banana trees and dozens of flowering plants; Jungle Bay is the resort where luxury and mother nature meet. People can unlock the barefoot part of their soul with ecological and social responsibility. Jungle Bay is all about providing the full Nature Island experience. It maintains a significant commitment to sustainable tourism with its design and operations.

The Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica (CRED): CRED was launched with the aim of achieving the goal of climate resilience. In 2018, it was formed and decided to take strategic activities across various sectors for resilient goals. The six main result areas of CRED are as follows: 

  • Strong communities: Strengthen the lifestyle of people and safeguard them from any challenges posses by climate change. 
  • A robust economy: Uplift the economy for the development of different structures. 
  • Well-planned and Durable infrastructure: Construction of climate-resilient infrastructure is ongoing in Dominica so that they can withstand any natural calamity. The construction of the geothermal power plant has also started with the intent to reduce carbon footprints.  

Other areas are as follows: 

  • Enhanced collective consciousness
  • Strengthened institutional systems
  • Protected and sustainably leveraged natural and unique assets

Dominica is known for its commitment to climate resilience and the preservation of natural assets. The country also welcomes all who are willing to be a part of this journey of recovery, restoration, and resiliency.

The journey of resilience and regeneration of Dominica has been assisted by its Citizenship by Investment Programme. The fund generated by the CBI Programme has been widely used to achieve Sustainable Development Goals with efficient plans and steps. The funds of the CB Programme has made the government to construct more than 1500 hurricane-resilient homes. Several healthcare centres, schools, roads and bridges were constructed by the government with the help of the Citizenship by Investment Programme. 

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has commended the CBI programme for assisting the tourism sector. He said,” Thanks to the real estate arm of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, Dominica is becoming increasingly known for its luxury tourism offering. Under the Citizenship by Investment Programme, investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio have the opportunity to invest in established luxury hotel brands and villas.”

The entire scenario showcased the seriousness of Dominica in creating a climate-resilient future. It’s the perfect country for any discerning individual who is looking to invest in a climate-conscious country.

What is Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica? 

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica offers the chance to obtain alternative citizenship in the country with an investment of US$100,000. It also provides numerous benefits to the investors, such as portfolio diversification, wealth planning and citizenship for life. 

In an era defined by globalization, high-net-worth individuals recognized the significance of alternative citizenship. They also viewed the alternative citizenship of Dominica as a robust Plan B, which comes with a diverse range of benefits along with the safety and security of life. 

Benefits of the CBI Programme of Dominica: 

  • It works as the enhanced Plan B in a world full of uncertainties. 
  • Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica is the ultimate secret to prosperity
  • It helps strengthen the financial prospect of the investors in the new market
  • The CBI Programme of Dominica helps in building lasting value of the investment
  • It provides the chance to lead a life where wellness and health meet
  • CBI Programme of Dominica opens doors to embrace freedom and opportunity
  • Helps to add new value to the business portfolio of the HNWIs 
  • Dominica is known as the opportunity-rich destination
  • It is an affordable and viable option for those looking for alternative citizenship for themselves and their families
  • CBI Programme of Dominica provides citizenship for the legacy that can be passed on to the next generation. 
  • It is also known as the resilient investment for the conscientious investor
  • CBI Programme provides the chance to invest in the low-carbon economy
  • The investment in alternative citizenship is known as the sustainable investment 

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica has also been ranked as number one for six consecutive years by the CBI Index.