Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong taken into custody after guilty plea

Famous Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong and two other activists were brought were arrested on Monday after they pleaded guilty to charges which relate to a demonstration outside police office during anti-government demonstrations last year.

Wong, collectively with fellow activists Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow, declared guilty to charges related to organisation, taking part in and inciting protesters to join an illegal protest outside police headquarters last June.

They were remanded to custody at a court hearing Monday, and the three are expected to be judged on Dec. 2. If they are found guilty of taking part in an unlawful assembly can also face as long as five years in prison depending on the offence.

“I am of the opinion that neither prison bars, nor election ban, nor any other discriminating powers would prevent us from activism,” Wong stated, ahead of the court hearing.

“What we are making now is to explain the value of play to the world, through our kindness to whom we love, so much that we are willing to sacrifice the freedom of our own. I’m made for the thin chance of walking free.”

Wong rose to fame as a student leader during the 2014 Umbrella Movement pro-democracy demonstrations and is among a burgeoning number of activists are also charged with relatively minor offences since Beijing in June declared a sweeping national security law on the territory that has severely restricted political speech.

Pro-democracy supporters have also said the legal charges are part of a campaign to attack and intimidate them.
Lam, who also spoke forward of the court hearing, said he was prepared to be in a Jail.

Wong also wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday that he and Lam had chosen to plead guilty after discussing with their attorneys. The two earlier pleaded not liable to the imposed charges.